Hindi translation

Hindi translation services

Hindi translation services

PoliLingua is a professional translation agency that provides exceptional Hindi translation services to organizations around the world. With a proven track record of successful and timely project delivery, they specialize in taking complex ideas and conveying them accurately into Hindi. Whether you are looking for Hindi transcreation services or subtitling, PoliLingua's team of highly experienced linguists ensures quality Hindi translations every time. Our professional Hindi translation services will help you reach your target audience more efficiently, boosting business growth quickly and easily.

Why PoliLingua?

  • 850 Professional Hindi translators
  • 364,950 Hindi words translated
  • 2,750 Hindi translation projects
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Professional interpretation and translation into Hindi for any line of business

Professional interpretation and translation into Hindi are essential for any business that is expanding into the Indian subcontinent or requires Hindi to communicate with its international customers.

Professional Hindi interpretation and translation services provide accurate, reliable, and culturally sensitive translations of documents, media content, conversations, and audiovisuals. Professional Hindi interpreters ensure the smooth exchange of information between teams while adhering to acceptable standards of performance.

Professional Hindi translators can adapt the text to various dialects of the language while focusing on cultural nuances so that messages remain positive when conveyed across different cultures. Professional interpretation and translation into Hindi are the foundation of successful communication between colleagues, stakeholders, and customers.

Professional interpretation and translation into Hindi for any line of business

Hindi to English and English to Hindi translation

To meet the ever-growing demand for Hindi to English and English to Hindi translations in this increasingly globalized world, specialized services are available to bridge the language barrier. These translations are done accurately and professionally, ensuring that all nuances of the Hindi language are properly expressed in English, or vice versa.

Excellent quality translations greatly benefit businesses worldwide, as they provide access to a larger market and establish a strong connection between their customers regardless of language barriers. Translating Hindi to English and English to Hindi is now easier than ever with these professional services.

Hindi to English and English to Hindi translation
Our certified English to Hindi translators

Our certified English to Hindi translators

Our translation company can carry out the certified translations of official, medical, financial, government, or legal documents, or even translation of an entire website, for example.

Every native Hindi translator working with PoliLingua has the necessary experience and qualifications to provide certified Hindi translation services including interpretation, localization, marketing, website, government, Hindi legal translation, Hindi technical translation services, and general business translation services and solutions.

They all have one or more areas of expertise, which allows them to produce reliable, accurate, and flawless document translations. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we carry out a very rigorous internal quality control before sending you the translated documents.

Why PoliLingua is your best choice for Hindi translations

PoliLingua has 20 years of experience in the field of professional and certified document translation services into almost any language. We have certified translators who are experts in Hindi and in several fields, such as medical, legal, marketing translation technical, localization solutions, etc.

Thus, PoliLingua translation company offers Hindi translation services and solutions within budget and to the highest professional standard. For us, the most important values associated with our translation agency are the customers

Meeting deadlines is a priority for us. To ensure that translations are completed on time, a few native Hindi translators may be called upon at the same time. Final proofreading by an in-house Hindi translator allows us to provide a homogeneous and uniform result. In addition, we communicate regularly with our teams to ensure that the work is progressing properly.

PoliLingua is a corporate member of The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, a full member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA), a member of both the American Translators Association (ATA) and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), and an accredited member of Association of Translation Companies (ATC). In 2020, PoliLingua got the certificate of assurance from Cyber Essentials.

Why PoliLingua is your best choice for Hindi translations
Hindi language geography

Hindi language geography

The official name of India is the Indian Union or Bharat Ganarajyá (in Hindi). This name is used to refer to the federation, i.e., the Federal Union. It is also used as the Republic of India. India is a federation; it is a federal republic made up of 29 states and seven federal territories.

With a population of almost 1.4 billion, India accounted for about one-sixth of the global population in 2020. Demographically, it ranks second in the world after China. Ethnic groups are many and include mainly Indo-Aryans (72%), Dravidians (25%), and Asians (3%). There are about 260 million native Hindi speakers.

Translating into the language of a country you do business in is an excellent way to find new customers and strengthen ties with local companies while taking into account important subtleties of the native culture, both historically and socially.

language overview

To get a clearer picture, Indian languages can already be divided into two major categories: the languages of the south, of Dravidian origins such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada; and the languages of the north, of Indo-Aryan origin such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, etc.

Each - except for Hindi - is spoken in a particular state. It is Hindi that India has chosen as the national language of the country, and it is this language, well representative of the cultural movements of India, that we will discover.

The Hindi language has quietly become the second or third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and English. It is spoken by about 50% of the population in India. In contrast to Chinese, Hindi has spread widely outside India, notably thanks to the large Indian diaspora, a consequence of India's former integration into the British Empire.

Hindi is a vibrant language, capable of expressing a wide range of emotions using nuanced and simple words, as in poetry and songs. It also excels in precise and rational reasoning, especially in the philosophical field.

language overview
Contact us to request a free quote for a professional Hindi translation

Contact us to request a free quote for a professional Hindi translation

The price of Hindi translation (always human translation!) and interpreting services depends on several factors such as volume, recurrence, and specialty area. However, the highest quality of our services remains invariably the same.

Contact us to send a sample of the source text. Get a free quote for your Hindi translation within a few hours (less than 24 hours). Please call or email us to ask any questions about your project or to find out more about what translation services we can provide for you today.

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Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations