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Are you striving to move forward by getting quality results with regard to your Faroese translation projects? Are consistency and time-efficiency core values that define and sustain your trust? With PoliLingua you can rest assured your language objectives will be achieved with maximum professionalism. We are at the drop of a hat with perfectly crafted services which go across a variety of fields.

At PoliLingua, a bespoke team of highly accurate, tenacious and experienced translators can juggle projects of any size or format. Packed with linguistic skills and experts in using an advanced management system, our linguists are capable to mitigate all the burdens associated with multilingual challenges, helping you to assess the potential impact of every element that your project involves. Whether you seek to convey faultless meaning from Faroese to English or from English to Faroese, we are here to serve up the best of both worlds by producing outstanding content, due to our solid experience with small and large companies during numerous years . Computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools used by our Faroese language translators allow for better understanding and an increased level of precision throughout the translation process. Besides, we deliver impeccable results thanks to the comprehensive QA process which we apply in tandem with a meticulous proofreading procedure. All the steps are accomplished in accordance with international standards proved by ISO 17100:2015 certification offered to PoliLingua. Our Faroese translators know the ropes to getting outstanding results in a large pool of fields.

Faroese website translation services
Language has the ability to put your best face forward, to help you handle profitable negotiations or to generate millions of potential users, if adapting your website professionally. Nowadays, accessibility of the information implies a vast range of languages and the proper understanding is indispensable if you want to  optimize the quality and consistency across projects, while taking into account the pitfalls of a diverse culture. Especially when it implies a rare combination of languages, such as Faroese and English, or other pairs of languages. We have tailored efficient solutions for your translation challenges performed in conjunction with an in-depth approach to culture related nuances. Whether it is your e-commerce site, an article on your blog or any other kind of online content, we possess the right skill set required for optimal adjustment, review and editing of your text. Moreover, we guarantee professional results and on-time delivery. Our translation agency will also take care of keywords and metatags which suit your project the best. All aspects mentioned above are used in unison to create the best output for your material.
Our translation company offers an arsenal of services:

  • Website localization
  • Mobile applications translation
  • Translation API
  • Trading platforms translation
  • Writing services for website, and many more.

Faroese Game Translation Services
Do you aim to reach international players by providing the best experience in the industry? PoliLingua can serve your purpose with an excellent performance as a long-standing collaborator in the game world. The ever-increasing level of globalization which goes hand in hand with the boost of game industry determines a rise in demand for experienced translators. The complexity of the industry comes along with an arsenal of specific aspects which might render the translation process more difficult. A subtle understanding of cultural nuances and the capacity to replicate intended emotions must be included in the skill set of the Faroe translator. Whether you need to display various in-game characters or looking for professional multilingual voice-over, our translation agency will apply its perfected methods to adapt your game for any particular market. We can handle games of all types, ranging from PC to mobile, no matter the format or genre. Moreover, our team of Faroese language translators are versed in the knowledge required for games, possessing a perfect command of specific jargon. Due to a stringent selection of native speakers the message will be conveyed faithfully, evoking the same emotions and intent of the game. Plus, we will meet all the relevant legislation code. As a result, players will enjoy the game as if it was written in their mother tongue.
We can provide Faroese translations for your various types of material:

  • Website translation
  • Voice-over
  • Posters
  • Store description
  • Content import and export
  • API automation, and many more.

Faroese Legal Translation
Our team of Faroe language translators and interpreters have the ability to provide quality output for legal translations as well. This field of expertise includes various types of documents handled by experienced linguists who work in their mother tongue and within the confines of the area of their specialization. Transcription, court proceeding interpreting and document translation are managed with professionalism and with a particular consideration for client’s data privacy. Moreover, our translators work strictly in accordance with government standards and have legal proof for performing their tasks at their highest. Our translation agency places great emphasis on time-efficiency and cost-competitiveness as well. Thus, we deliver the translations in a speedy manner and for a good price. This is the only approach we consider our customers deserve from our part.
We offer legal translations for almost any purpose:

  • Document identification
  • Website crawling
  • Court reporting
  • Transcription services
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth, death certificates
  • Immigration documents
  • General business documents
  • Court interpreting
  • Sworn translation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Acquisition contracts, and many more.

Country and Language Profile
Faroese, or Faroe, is a language with Germanic roots largely spoken on the Faroe Islands. The number of Faroese speakers encompasses approximately 72,000 people. Half of them are situated on Faroe Island, and the rest are inhabitants of different areas, including Denmark. The language is very similar with Islandic, but difficult to be understood in a conversation. The common features refer mainly to the etymological context.


Before the language gained its name, it used to be called Old Norse, enjoying a wide use during the Viking Age. First records of the written language date from the 14th century, consisting of fables and sagas. Consequently, the first modern Faroese literature appeared in the 19th century, followed by the first newspaper in 1890.

In 1937 Faroe islands language has been elected as the official school language, and gradually, it became the language of church, and in 1948 it was set as the national language. Nowadays, the language is composed of 29 letters, all derived from the Latin.

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