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The Republic of Estonia has become a strong economy that has adopted the Euro as its currency. The former Soviet state has made itself an economic partner of the European economic zone, Scandinavian nations and Russia. Its position as an international crossroads, a financial hub and a tourist destination has seen the need to translate Estonian steadily rise. We have a great team of Estonian translators that can professionally execute any translation work from a single page to a batch of multipage documents.

Software Localization
Estonia is famed as an IT hub and the global expansion in software production and sales has seen an increased need for top quality Estonian English translation services. Well known software products such as Skype have been developed in Estonia and by incorporating software localization it has become one of the most used pieces of software in the world.

There is also a huge market for existing software to meet the localization requirements as Estonia will be the base for the European Union Agency for Large Scale IT Systems. Estonia has become a very IT focused country and presents a great market opportunity for vendors that are looking to sell their software. Our experience in localization can help you to inexpensively target Estonia. We can translate English to Estonian for your project so that the native speaking Estonians can fully utilize the software.

  • GUI translation
  • Help files
  • Installation instructions
  • Software packaging and information

Authorized Translations
The huge number of businesses, organizations and governments that are involved in expanding Estonian economy may mean that you need authorized translations for some of the transactions, contracts and arrangements that you or your company are involved in. An authorized Estonian English translator can produce legally equivalent translated documents that are officially recognized by the identifying stamp and signature.

You might think that it would be significantly more expensive to use an Authorized Estonian translator but we can provide this service for only a small extra charge that covers the extra training and official registration that the translator is required to undertake to become an Authorized translator. High quality and quick turnaround are hallmarks of our Authorized translators and we can arrange for the original stamped and signed documents to be quickly forwarded to you where ever you are situated in the world.

  • Employment
  • Government transactions
  • Business transactions
  • Inheritance documents

Document Translation
We are one of the top document translation services and this means that when you use our service you can be safe in the knowledge that your documents will be translated in a professional and efficient manner. Our team of translators is able to integrate your documents into our workflow so that the best person with the most experience in the type of documents you need translated is assigned. They will translate Estonian quickly and accurately so that you get the translations back in the shortest time possible.

Our workflow system not only ensures fast turnaround but also increases our efficiency allowing us to charge fair and reasonable rates for the best quality work. The popularity of Estonian English translations has place strong demands on our staff and they have responded by delivering great document translations every time.

Our document translation department can accommodate your needs and you can contact us to confirm your document translation pricing and turnaround time. Document formatting and any special instructions can be integrated into the Estonian English translation process at very reasonable rates. We promise that you will be fully satisfied by our ability to deliver documents to you translated well and meeting all of your specifications.

  • Briefing documents
  • Company documents
  • Regulation documents
  • Instruction documents
  • Application documents

Estonia: the Country and Language
The Estonian language is related to Finnish and is the main language spoken in Estonia. Ethnic Estonians make up about 70% of the population with the largest minor ethnic group being ethnic Russians with almost 25% of the population of 1.2 million people. This is because of the immigration during the time of the Soviet Union controlling Estonia. It is a member of the European Union and has recently adopted the Euro as currency in Estonia. It is considered a developed country and is has the highest GDP per person of all of the former Soviet satellite states at more than $22,000 per capita.

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