If you need quality translation services both from and to Danish, we can provide translations that will meet the highest standards. This can be very important in many different areas from business to education and traveling to legal work. The need for translations that are accurate and that clearly state the ideas in the source document are increasing as people from all around the world interact with Danish people, businesses and government. Danes are also looking to expand their horizons, and being able to have documents translated professionally will also help them reach a wider market.

Danish Legal and Technical Translation
The areas of Legal and Technical translations require the highest quality work that is precisely worded to accurately reflect the source documents. We have extensive experience that allows us to offer expertise in converting your - legal documents and intricate technical documents to or from the Danish language. When you use our translation services, you can be certain that the fully checked documents will be translated with accuracy and efficiency. Our fully trained Danish translators are capable of the highest precision whilst working at high speed and under pressure. This gives us the ability to turn around your urgently needed legal translation fast. Long technical documents are completed in good time and the involved step by step process is optimized so that full understanding is conveyed.

Website and Software Translation or Localization
The computer and internet revolutions have changed the landscape for everyone around the world. When you are looking to expand your market, using a reliable translation service makes moving your project from Danish to another language or from another language to Danish, simple. Websites that are in Danish can be quickly converted to other languages using our translation service that will ensure all pages, titles and headings are translated to the language requested, ensuring full understanding and coherency. This will open your website to the markets you are targeting by allowing you to provide sites and pages in the preferred language of those markets. Localizing your software so that it is accessible to the Danish market is another common task that our top quality translators do regularly. The burgeoning apps market and the six million Danish speaking people make this a worthwhile consideration. Translating and localizing your product is a low cost way of targeting this market.We do use CAT tools such as Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ and others for term consistency and better productivity, resulting in higher quality, lower rates and quick deliveries.

Danish Certified and Financial Translation
The increasing globalization of trade has made a translation service that you can trust a must-have partner when you do business. We are able to offer certified translations at reasonable rates and with fast turnaround times. PoliLingua understands that time is money and always endeavors to provide you certified translation as fast as possible so that your paperwork can be submitted in a timely manner. There are a huge range of reasons for a certified translation such as for marriage, divorce and immigration reasons. Many government departments both in Denmark and in overseas countries require certified translations of important documents such as licenses, customs clearances and qualifications. Like certified translations, financial translations require the best translators so that precise meaning is given. While the numbers and format are standard world-wide, the associated explanations and their meaning are what can make or break a deal. Our extensive experience in preparing financial document translations and dedicated translation team ensure that your meaning will be delivered in the way you intended. In business, speed is essential and waiting on financial documents to be translated can put a deal in limbo. We always prioritize urgent work and will make sure you get documents returned promptly without sacrificing accuracy. You can rely on our translation service to get the job done efficiently so that you understand exactly where your deal is going.

The History of the Danish Language
There are nearly six million Danish native speakers in Denmark, Greenland, Germany and the Faroe Islands. It is a Germanic language and related to both Norwegian and Swedish so that most people that know Danish, Swedish or Norwegian can communicate effectively. It had its roots in Old East Norse and through the ages has borrowed words from many languages. Middle Low German words were widely incorporated in the middle ages and explain the similarities between Danish and Dutch. Modern German, modern French and English have also had an influence in the last two hundred years.

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