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At PoliLingua, we do translation services so your company could do business with a proper understanding of how things are. That’s why we give you accurate and quick Danish translation services that work for you. Call us for a free quote for professional translations for any sector or industry. Your business partners would appreciate your care when they know you contact PoliLingua and let our language experts do the quality translation for you. PoliLingua speaks over 100 languages, including Danish. And it is literally our job to support you and provide you with the translation (documents, localization, etc) you need. If our client wants to go global, we use our 20+ years of experience to make sure the deadlines and all requirements are met. Email us today for a free quote!

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Our experts offer professional translation, interpretation, localization, and many other services for any customer, company or project that wants to compete on a global scale and provide service to international customers who speak different languages including Danish. Specialized translations, certified legal translations, interpretation, voice-over, editing: our agency provides a wide range of language services drawing on the skills of professional translators and other linguistic experts working in their mother tongue.

Danish Translation Services by Native Danish Translators
A player with a strong presence on the international scene and within the European Union, Denmark is particularly active in the sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, renewable energies and the maritime sector. The country is also prized as a place of establishment because it is very favorable to the creation of companies. As part of your trade with Denmark, calling on professionals to translate your content from English into Danish will allow you to target effectively the local market related to your core business, seamlessly and without a linguistic barrier.

Danish translation

How Danish translations can support your business
Although a large portion of Danish speakers around the world speak another language, consumers generally prefer to be addressed in their mother tongue. Therefore, Danish translation is essential in order to do business with clients who speak the Danish language. Online translation tools may seem more impressive than ever, but Google Translate and its equivalents ignore cultural context and common expressions and idioms. This makes translations inaccurate at worst, and ineffective at best. It is for this reason that we use native translators for each of our translations. Thanks to their knowledge of real language habits, our team can transmit any message into Danish without sacrificing the meaning. Consumers prefer to buy products from websites available in their language. And that's huge! Product description plays an essential role which is why thanks to our platform you will quickly and easily get high-quality descriptions. We are getting positive feedback from companies who have seen their conversion rates increase after receiving our help in building a strong buying experience through translation.

How much do translation services cost? How much should you pay a translator?
The price of a translation depends on many factors: complexity and technicality of the content to be translated, the language pair concerned, volumes and delivery times, repetitions in the content, etc. Why and how do these elements impact the translation prices?

Language: the limited availability of professional translators available in certain linguistic pairs has a significant impact on the price of translation. Specific pricing sets apart some oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, Hebrew ...), African languages (Oromo, Somali, Amharic, Malagasy, Swahili...) and some European languages (Dutch, German, Finnish, Slovak, Norwegian and Swedish...) from common linguistic pairs (English–French, German–Spanish, English–Italian, French–Portuguese...).

Specialty: highly specialized and field-specific texts (medicine, management, legal, finance, accounting, life science, etc.) and technical content (energy, oil, IT, food industry...) are supported by highly specialized translators. The rates charged vary according to the field of specialization, availability of professional translators or even the niche in question (for example, Danish translators who are experts in actuarial or medical devices are part of a very small elite).

Urgency: significant price changes may be applied for the delivery time with a word volume ratio exceeds 1,500/2,000 words per day. Surcharges also apply if the task includes overtime on weekends, public holidays, or evenings, a last-minute booking of an interpreter, the delivery of a translation in less than 24 hours.

Format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML files usually have no price impact. The processing of unwritten (audio and video recordings) or handwritten content, the translation from non-editable documents (PDF, JPG, AI ...), the production and integration of subtitles or voice-over, DTP operations are subject to ad hoc pricing.

Options: specifications play a noticeable role in preparing the estimate, particularly if you want to benefit from services besides the translation of a text (proofreading by a third party, localization, dubbing, etc.). Depending on the case, additional services may be subject to dedicated pricing, a flat rate or a revaluation of the basic unit price.

Request a quote for our translation services - Danish and beyond
We are proud to deliver great, high-grade, well-priced Danish translation services for your project - small or bulky, common or sophisticated, technical or scientific. We work with 72 native Danish translators and have carried out 387 Danish projects with over 4.325.000 words. If you are looking for a Danish-English translator with some expertise, then do not hesitate and upload your document to our online system. You will receive a quotation with specifications of the Danish-English translation price as soon as your document is uploaded, and you have specified the field you need - legal (certified Danish), medical or technical translation - and you are ready to go! Fast, easy and cheap too!

The Danish people and language overview
Denmark is a relatively small country located to the north of Germany, more precisely, between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Denmark is mainly made up of two large islands (but there are more than 400 in total), and a peninsula, Jutland. Kattegat is a maritime space in the northeast of the Jutland peninsula; it comprising several straits to the south and a large bay to the north. In Denmark itself, the population is remarkably linguistically homogeneous, as 92% of the country's citizens speak Danish as their mother tongue. So it comes as no surprise that Danish has the status of the official language of Denmark. It is - just like German - is one of the Germanic languages belonging to the same linguistic family (Indo-European). However, the Danish language is part of another subgroup, that of the North Germanic languages, along with Swedish, Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Faroese and Icelandic.

Today, among the Scandinavian languages, Danish is particularly close to the Norwegian variety of Bokmål. Nevertheless, the similarities between the Nordic languages ​​are still clear, but less so with Faroese and Icelandic. In general, a Dane easily understands Swedish and Norwegian (Bokmål) speakers without having to translate. However, Swedes and Norwegians have a harder time understanding spoken Danish because of the rather peculiar Danish pronunciation, which can even seem confusing to other speakers of ‘Scandinavian languages’. 

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