Is professional Danish translation services what you are looking for? Luckily, PoliLingua is at your fingertips with high quality solutions for your specific multilingual needs, built on the international standard guaranteed by ISO 17100:2015 certificate. A team of proficient and experienced Danish translators is always ready to help you in achieving your goals with professionally crafted translations.

Why PoliLingua?
Whether you need to translate from English to Danish or from Danish to English, suitably qualified linguist are here to serve your purpose. To begin with, our team represents the outcome of a very accurate selection, by emphasizing professionalism and expertise in Danish. A keen eye for detail and high command of the targeted language is what describes best the competences of our specialists. Besides, native speakers have been included for the sake of excellent quality in completing multilingual tasks. We also have to mention the capacity of our Danish linguist to grasp cultural nuances when it comes to tricky expressions, idioms, and subtle meaning. Besides, what gives you more trust in our translation agency is the use of CAT tools, which add undeniable value to the quality of the content. Last but not least, any task is done under the internationally established requirements of ISO 17100:2015 certificate.

Danish Medical Translation Services
In clinical sector, safety and precision play a key role. Thus, the rendition of the meaning has to be fulfilled properly and faithfully. This means that special skills are required and a confident command of translation tools should be possessed at the same time. Imagine, for instance, dealing with important medical research or trying to figure out a prescription for a friend or a family member. The perfect apprehension is crucial, as issues which are implied are related to health and day to day life. That’s why we devote maximum accuracy and specialized knowledge when handling hospital-related papers. Translated documents into Danish and the other way around is what we have done for a wide spectrum of purposes, such as:
- Clinical trials
- Medical devices instructions
- General medical translations
- Patient surveys
- Insurance forms
- Datasheets
- Package inserts and labels and many more.

Danish Certified Translation
When presented with major changes, and taking important steps forward, such as moving abroad, starting a new job in a foreign country, or dreaming to become a student oversees, linguistic barriers may put you in stressful situations. Our translation agency knows the deal very well and is here with solutions for your challenges. In other words, translating important materials in Danish can be rendered easy when professional linguists are involved. PoliLingua has consistent experience in working with official institutions and has implemented a wide array of methods in order to get excellent results fast and professionally. Our services extend to many types of Danish document translation, as listed below:
- ID cards
- Passports
- Visas
- High School Diploma
- Drivers licenses
- Name change

- Residence permits
- Temporary resident papers and many more.

Danish website translation services
Is your primary goal to magnetize millions of international users and to make them enjoy a smooth experience on your online page? We can adapt your website to Danish audience just as winking. Due to a proper grasp of meaning derived from cultural in-depth understanding, mixed with excellent skills in foreign languages, our specialists are capable of generating excellent content for Danish users. Cutting-edge tools, expertise and accuracy is what we put much emphasis on in order to attain success when managing the online content. Moreover, we include the optimization into the translation process, taking are of keywords and metatags, which are so important when seeking to enhance your website visibility.
Our translation company offers a suite of services in this area:

- Website localization

- Mobile applications translation

- Translation API

- Trading platforms translation

- Writing services for website, and many more.

Danish Financial Translation Services
Finances imply dealing with investment communities, lenders, creditors and other economy-related entities which involves implicitly sensitive issues. Thus, precision and correctness are prime values, since a Danish translator should be able to deliver a clear overview, free of any possible errors. Imagine misspelling a zero or a comma when dealing with numbers - this would generate significant losses. For this reason, our team of experts is made out of carefully selected linguists from the field in question. In this context, we are proud to have included successfully completed projects for both individuals and reputable companies. Our services encompass a wide array of types of documents, such as:
- Financial reports
- Balance sheets
- Rules and regulations
- Income statements
- Business Plans
- Contracts and purchase agreements
- Tax reports
- Prospectuses, and many more.

Danish Legal Translation Services
When we are dealing with conveying meaning for legal documents, we talk about complex processes which require very specific abilities. An important skill which should be included is familiarity with terms and jargon of the discipline. Besides, being state-acquainted with regard to both targeted countries is paramount. In this context, our specialists have worked with several types of documents, such as the following:
- acquisition agreements
- document identification
- document management
- court reporting
- transcription services
- employment contracts
- commercial contracts
- wills
- court document and evidence translation
- rent and hire agreements
- court interpreting
- audio translation
- sworn translation, and many more.

Country and language profile
Danish belongs to North Germanic languages and has about six million speakers worldwide. The primary region where it is used are Denmark and some parts of Southern Schleswig in northern Germany, where it enjoys less popularity. Besides, there are people who speak the language in Norway, Sweden, pain, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. As a result of immigration and the movement of Danish in urban regions, approximately 15-20%of the population of Greenland give it the status of the first language.

Danish has its roots in Old Norse, once spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia, more precisely, in the Viking Era.

On the level of mutual intelligibility, Danish is similar to Norwegian and Swedish. The standard Danish is considered the outcome of dialects used around the capital, Copenhagen.

Denmark is known for its rich, artistic and intellectual heritage. Amongst more famous could be mentioned the fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson, philosophical writings of S. Kierkegaard and the poetry of Piet Hein.

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