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Finding the right translator for your specific needs can be a tough row to hoe. Especially when it implies an infrequent combination of languages, such as Chuukese to English or the other way around. In order to help you make your Chuukese language translation experience a pleasant one, we have selected a team of experts to assist you along this journey.
PoliLingua is the agency that proved the necessary ability, talent and experience during a significant period of time, writing inestimable numbers of pages of quality output for various reputable companies. Quality results continue to be the unquestionable proof of our professionalism in providing Chuukese translation services. Latest methods, qualified translators and assiduous practice have been added to the recipe of our performance to accomplish the best results for our clients. Should you need to translate from English to Chuukese or from Chuukese to English, let it be our task and see how easily we can convert your material into another success story.

Why PoliLingua?
PoliLingua has selected the best translation tools in the market to take care of terminology, accuracy, post-translational checks for QA and proof-reading of every translation in Chuukese we work with. In order to facilitate the reuse of previously translated words, phrases or common sayings , the translation process is being accompanied by Translation Memory, which stores the information in a helpful manner. Making use of this linguistic database brings about indisputable advantages, such as: less time-consuming, increased level of quality and better precision.

Chuukese Medical Translation Services
When carrying out a translation in the healthcare industry there is no room for mistakes. The field itself demands maximum knowledge investment and an acute sense for precision. Besides, particular terminology and specific jargon are widely used with regard to serious contexts, at times involving even life and death matters. There is no question medical translation should be handled by well-equipped, qualified and experienced translators who have proven their knowledge in the medical field. Thus, we have created teams of selected translators who are experts in their specific domain of proficiency. This kind of approach broadens the possibility of quality improvement and diminishes the time required for the translation to be done.
We can translate in Chuukese for you:

  • Approval documents
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical devices instructions
  • General medical translations
  • Patient surveys
  • Insurance forms
  • Datasheets
  • Package inserts and labels and many more.

Chuukese Legal Translation Services
Legal translation requires more than just a high command of Chuukese and English languages. Familiarity with a particular language and general knowledge are definitely indispensable criterias, though being an expert within the confines of the given discipline is crucial. Hence, PoliLingua has managed several teams of linguists who are experts in their field. They know how to serve high-quality material with quick turnaround times. Our Chuukese translators are endowed with linguistic competency and assiduity which guarantees impeccable results, whether working with large or small volumes. We are regularly dealing with a wide pool of legal translations, as mentioned below:

  • Court reporting
  • Document identification
  • Transcription services
  • Acquisition agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Document management
  • Website crawling
  • Employment contracts
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Immigration documents and many more.

Chuukese Technical Translation Services
In a world saturated with technology, where competitiveness keeps the life cycle of the marketplace going, the standard of quality in the translation industry has no other choice but to keep up. When dealing with Chuukese technical translation, the challenge that the translator has to surmount lies in the accuracy that should be involved along the process and the capability to adjust the translation to the specificity of the culture. Our team pridely possesses professional knowledge and dexterity needed in order to ensure remarkable results. The qualification in a wide range of disciplines makes possible Chuukese translation of almost any type:

  • Patents translations
  • Equipment instructions translations
  • Engineering processes translations
  • User manuals translations
  • Technical instructions translations
  • Consumer products translations
  • Light machinery translations
  • Household appliance manufacturers translations
  • Professional products translations, and many more.

Chuukese certified translation
Moving from one country to another or dealing with official matters remotely oftentimes requires certified translation. In fact, certified translation is a near-inseparable constituent of working with government authorities or official institutions abroad. For instance, you desire to study overseas and the admission process stipulates the need to translate your degree certificate or diploma, in order to be approved within the area of another country. In such a case, highly-proficient translators who are well-familiarized with particularities of the terms are wanted. Well, in this context you can confidently take advantage of our professionally crafted services.
A bespoke team is ready to put into practice a wide range of abilities meant to convert your documents to Chuukese or vice-versa expertly. Accuracy, correctness and quick turnaround are our key priorities when working with our clientele.
Certified translations include:

  • ID cards
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • High School Diploma
  • Drivers licenses
  • Name change
  • Residence permits
  • Temporary resident papers and many more.

Country and language profile
Chuukese is a Trukic language spoken by approximately 45,000 people who are inhabiting the island of Chuuk situated in Micronesia.
Among 607 islands that constitutes Micronesia, there are 8 major languages spoken more frequently. Due to the uniqueness that defines each of them, the communication between islands is quite burdensome.
From the standpoint of geography, Chuuk is positioned in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and the Philippines. Thousands of islands, atolls and islets that cover the area give rise to a wonderful view. The most common among them is considered Polynesia, with its islands: Samoa, Fiji and Tuvalu. The biggest territory instead is being occupied by Melanesia with New Guinea and New Zealand islands. By contrast, Micronesia is not so widely known.
The Chuukese speakers are settled within the Chuuk Lagoon, which is part of a group of volcanic islands within a large barrier reef in Micronesia. 


There are a few aspects that render Chuukese difficult to be translated. Firstly, the language has made its route being passed down from generation to generation, which means the absence of the written form until recent years. Secondly, the language is characterized by the presence of double consonants, which has become obsolete for the majority of Micronesia’s descendants. Last but not least, Chuukese language is a very poetic and dramatic one. For instance, the phrase “You don’t love me anymore” will be translated mot-a-mot “You have flown away from me on swift wings”, which is quite an extended and adorned way of saying. Consequently, conveying meaning from English to Chuukese will result in a much bigger text. Another challenge caused by the uniqueness of the language is the scarcity of legal, scientific and modern economic terms. Nowadays, a vast part of the terminology used to describe progress, technology and development represents a mixture between Japanese, Spanish, German and English.

As a matter of fact, the translation process is a strenuous and a complex one. Thus, a particular regard for accuracy and the ability to keep track of quality are mandatory.
Well-trained translators who are experts in the area can meet the challenge only if they are acquainted with cultural particularities of the language. Besides, the islands are very primitive, which also leaves a massive imprint on the specificity of the culture.

What makes the translation process stressful for an interpreter is the need to combine mastery and velocity. The flamboyant nature of the language includes different words for the same thing. For example, in Chuukese you won’t use the word “package” for  any kind of package. A distinct version will be assigned depending on what is inside the package ( bananas, fish, goods, etc.), and this is just one example of many.
The translating job gets even more intricate when it comes to words that don’t even exist in Chuukese.
It goes without saying Chuukese translation brings into play elements that require very specific and complex skills. Luckily,  PoliLingua has considered them all.

Ask for a quote and or let us know how can we help you today.

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