Video Caption and Video Transcription Services in modern life

Video Caption and Video Transcription Services in modern life

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Finding a reliable video caption and video transcription service provider can be difficult. Video captioning and video transcription services have gained the interest of various businesses and companies in recent years. Such services are used frequently for video content all over the Internet.


Difference between Video Caption Services and Video Transcription Services

Video captioning services allow you to create subtitles in multiple languages with no need to translate the video yourself. They also let you add captions in different languages so that your audience can watch your videos regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

Video transcription services are similar but allow you to add text that goes along with specific points in your video rather than just throughout the entire video. It is especially helpful for breaking down lectures or presentations into smaller sections for easier viewing for those who may not have time to watch the complete video.


Video Caption Services

Video captioning services are valuable for those with hearing impairments and many other groups. Captioning services allow individuals to watch videos and immediately understand their meaning without searching for the subtitles themselves. Captioning provides information about video content and can be used both: online and offline.

Video captioning services include a variety of elements and features, including

Text transcription - the most basic level of captioning regarding the text that matches the spoken words in the video. It can be done using speech-to-text software or by typing manually the words as they appear on the screen.

Video description. This type of captioning goes beyond matching text to speech and includes descriptions of what is happening on-screen at any given time. It can incorporate background music, sound effects, and other audio cues that help viewers understand what they're seeing.

Subtitles for deaf or hearing-impaired viewers work much like subtitles for foreign language movies - except the transcriptions are usually more detailed and comprehensive than those used with foreign languages.

Closed captioning for deaf or hearing-impaired viewers is another form of subtitles but is intended only for deaf and hearing-impaired viewers, as opposed to being designed for international audiences who speak different languages from each other (open captions).


Quality of our company video captioning services

PoliLingua has a team of professional captioners who are native speakers, and they can complete captions for videos of any length. We can also provide translation services if you want to subtitle your videos in multiple languages.

Our captioners are trained to use accurate terminology, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. We also make sure that the captions match the impression of the video so that it sounds natural and not robotic.

Video captioning is an effective way for businesses to increase their visibility on YouTube and other video platforms because it helps them reach a wider audience worldwide. If you want to improve your online presence - contact us today!


Video transcription services

Video transcription is the written text of a video. In other words, it's like a transcript of a recorded speech or event. Video transcription is an accurate written copy of the dialogue and narration in a movie, TV show, or video.

There are two types of video transcription: live and post-production. Live video transcription occurs when someone speaks on camera, and this interview (for example) is live-streamed on TV or online. When you watch live news broadcasts, you're watching a live version of this type of video transcription. Post-production video transcription involves creating written text for the existing media content like a movie or TV show.


Video transcription services are used for many different purposes, including

  • To provide an alternative version of the content. If one cannot hear the audio, one can still read the transcript and understand what is being said or done in the video.
  • To improve search engine optimization (SEO). People are more likely to seek specific keywords when looking for something over the Internet. So if you have a blog post explaining how to use certain products or services, adding a transcript will help people find your content through search engines like Google and Bing.
  • To provide subtitles for videos that don't already have them. If you want people who speak different languages to watch your videos without having to rely on translations from Google Translate, providing subtitles in their native language will allow them to enjoy the information without having to struggle through translations that aren't always accurate."


Video Transcription and Video Caption Services of our company - Polilingua

Video Transcription and Video Caption Services from Polilingua offer professional post-production and live video transcription services at competitive rates. We have experience working with many industries inclusive: legal, business, education, and more. Our team has years of experience in providing high-quality translating services for various projects all around the world. If you need help with transcription or caption projects, we're here to help you!




Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations