Bikol translation

Bikol translation services

Bikol translation services

PoliLingua is the perfect solution for any of your Bikol translation needs. As a certified language service provider with over two decades of experience, we have an outstanding team of translators to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in all our projects. Our translation company also guarantees that it will match the correct cultural context as well as approved terminology, making it possible for you to trust that PoliLingua's Bikol translation services are a safe bet for your globalization project. With PoliLingua's reliable expertise, excellent track record, and dedicated customer support, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best translation service available for the Bikol language.

Why PoliLingua?

  • 10 Professional Bikol translators
  • 25,000 Bikol words translated
  • 15 Bikol translation projects
  • Projects Management & Quality Control
  • Competitive Rates

Bikol language translations of PoliLingua

  • Written document translation - This is the most common type of translation service, where written materials such as legal documents, medical records, marketing and advertising materials, technical and engineering documents, and educational and training materials are accurately translated into Bikol.
  • Interpretation - Interpretation services involve facilitating verbal communication between individuals who speak different languages. Bikol interpretation services may be required for legal proceedings, medical appointments, business meetings, and other scenarios where accurate communication is essential.
  • Localization - Localization involves adapting a product, service, or content to a specific language or culture. Bikol localization services may be required for video games, software, websites, and other products or services that require localization to reach the Bikol-speaking audience.
  • Subtitling and captioning - Subtitling and captioning services are used to add subtitles or captions to videos or other visual content to make it accessible to non-Bikol speakers.
  • Transcription - Transcription services involve transcribing audio or video content into written form. Bikol transcription services may be required for academic research, legal proceedings, and other scenarios where accurate transcripts are necessary.
Bikol language translations of PoliLingua
Bikol language overview

Bikol language overview

Bikol is a major language in the Bikol region of the Philippines and it belongs to the Austronesian family of languages. Bikol has been found to have notable similarities with other Philippine languages, including Tagalog, Waray-Waray, Hiligaynon, and Ilocano.

Bikol's more ancient roots can be traced back to Proto-Austronesian, a language from which many modern Philippine languages are derived.

Bikol features distinguishable tones in verb inflections and the addition of suffixes to indicate plurality or other relations among nouns and articles. 

Bikol continues to evolve as a language that reflects the identity of Bikolanos and their distinct culture and history.

Steps to get our professional Bikol translations

  • Go to our website and click on the "translation" tab.
  • Choose "Bikol translation" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the form with your contact information and project details.
  • Upload any supporting documents you have to translate to or from Bikol.
  • Click on the "submit" button and wait for a response from one of our project managers.
  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote for your project.
Steps to get our professional Bikol translations
Our certified Bikol translations

Our certified Bikol translations

For all your certified Bikol translation needs, the experienced team at PoliLingua has the perfect solution. With an eye for detail and commitment to delivering only high-quality certified Bikol translations, our certified Bikol translation service is exactly what you need.

Offering professional quality translations of a wide range of document types and languages, our certified fit-for-purpose solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Get in touch with the experts at PoliLingua today and experience prompt, reliable, and cost-effective certified translation services that meet the highest industry standards.

Advantages of Bikol translations of PoliLingua

  • PoliLingua is a professional translation services company with over 20 years of experience. - Our company translates over 200 languages.
  • We offer Bikol translations for businesses and individuals, ensuring accuracy and precision in all our work.
  • Our team of translators is native speakers of Bikol, guaranteeing that your translations will be accurate and idiomatic.
  • We provide a range of translation services, including website localization, document translation, and software localization.
  • Our rates are competitive and we offer a quick turnaround time on all projects.
Advantages of Bikol translations of PoliLingua
Bikol translations according to the industry

Bikol translations according to the industry

  • Legal translations - Legal translations may be required for contracts, agreements, court documents, and other legal materials in the Bikol region.
  • Tourism and hospitality translations - With the growing tourism industry in the Bikol region, Bikol translations may be required for tourism and hospitality materials such as brochures, guides, and menus to cater to Bikol-speaking tourists.
  • Business translations - Businesses that are expanding their operations in the Bikol region may require Bikol translations of marketing and advertising materials, business correspondence, contracts and agreements, financial documents, and training and development materials.
  • Technology translations - With the rise of the technology industry in the Bikol region, Bikol translations may be required for technical documents, software, and other technology-related materials to ensure that workers can understand technical information and instructions accurately.
  • Government translations - Bikol translations may be required for government documents, forms, and materials to ensure that Bikol-speaking citizens can access important information and services provided by the government.

Bikol business translations

PoliLingua offers business Bikol translation services, helping companies to communicate effectively in one of the major languages spoken in the Philippines. Our experienced linguists use advanced software technologies to ensure accuracy and consistency when translating business documents. 

We provide fast turnaround times with competitive pricing, allowing customers to stay on track with their deadlines. With PoliLingua as a strategic partner, organizations can benefit from our business Bikol translations for their day-to-day operations and long-term projects.

Bikol business translations
Bikol business documents we translate

Bikol business documents we translate

  • Marketing and advertising materials - Businesses that are expanding their operations in the Bikol region may require translations of their marketing and advertising materials to reach their target audience. This may include brochures, flyers, advertisements, and social media posts.
  • Business correspondence - Bikol translation services may be required for business correspondence, including emails, letters, and other documents related to business operations.
  • Contracts and agreements - Accurate Bikol translations of contracts and agreements are essential for businesses that are engaging in partnerships, collaborations, and other business transactions in the Bikol region.
  • Financial documents - Businesses that are operating in the Bikol region may require Bikol translations of financial documents such as balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports.
  • Training and development materials - Bikol translations of training and development materials, such as manuals, handbooks, and presentations, may be required to facilitate learning and development for businesses operating in the Bikol region.

Touristic Bikol translations

PoliLingua is proud to offer tourism and hospitality Bikol translations, giving our clients the ability to communicate effectively with customers in this region.

Our tourism and hospitality translations are completed by Bikol native speakers - they know the nuances of the language well enough to convey communication accurately in a culturally-acceptable manner.

We also offer a 100% guarantee that your tourism and hospitality translations are accurate, allowing our customers to have complete peace of mind when ordering from us.

We take pride in providing an excellent translation service in tourism and hospitality for clients looking for Bikol translations.

Touristic Bikol translations
Legal Bikol translations of our company

Legal Bikol translations of our company

PoliLingua provides legal Bikol translations for an array of local, regional, and global clients. We take pride in our strict attention to legal accuracy without sacrificing the beauty of the source material.

Each legal document is personally handled by an experienced translator with a great understanding not only of legal terminology but also cultural nuances in legal terminologies and skills to use both effectively and accurately. Our excellent translation services are designed to help businesses bridge language barriers and expand their presence across borders while successfully meeting all regulatory requirements.

Through PoliLingua legal Bikol translations you can rest assured that all legal documents will be accurate, clear, and up-to-date.

Our Bikol legal documents translations

  • Court documents - Bikol translations of court documents, including judgments, pleadings, and briefs, may be required for legal proceedings in the Bicol region.
  • Immigration documents - Bikol translations of immigration documents, such as visas and passports, may be necessary for individuals who are moving to or from the Bicol region.
  • Intellectual property documents - Bikol translations of patents, trademarks, and copyrights may be necessary for businesses that are seeking legal protection for their intellectual property in the Bicol region.
  • Legal correspondence - Bikol translations of legal correspondence, including letters and emails, may be required for legal matters that involve communication with Bikol-speaking individuals or organizations.
  • Regulations and laws - Bikol translations of regulations and laws may be necessary for businesses that are operating in the Bicol region to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
Our Bikol legal documents translations
The size of Bikol speaking market

The size of Bikol speaking market

Bikol, also known as Bicolano, is a language spoken in the Bicol Region of the Philippines, which is composed of six provinces: Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate, and Sorsogon. According to the 2020 Census conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority, the total population of the Bicol Region is 6,415,576 people.

While the exact number of Bikol speakers is not known, it is estimated that Bikol is the primary language of around 4 million people in the Bicol Region or about two-thirds of the total population. Additionally, many other Filipinos may be able to understand and speak Bikol as a second language or as a result of exposure to the language in the media or daily life.

While not all Bikol speakers may be part of the Bikol-speaking market, this term is typically used in the context of marketing and business. The growing economy of the Bicol Region and increasing demand for products and services make the Bikol-speaking market a valuable demographic for businesses looking to expand in the area.

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