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Looking for professional, high quality Bikol translation services adjusted to your particular purpose? PoliLingua is more than glad to provide you with excellent translations, due to its  team of rigorously selected experts who work under the internationally recognized standard of ISO 17100:2015 certificate.

Why PoliLingua?
With years of proven success in the industry, PoliLingua has worked its way up by offering top-rate Bikol language translation services to small and big companies, no matter the size or format of the assignment. There are several reasons to opt for our translation agency. First of all, PoliLingua complies with international standards, which gives you the guarantee that your project will be handled with high accuracy and indisputable competence. Secondly, we take advantage of the computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools, which enhances the results in terms of speed and quality. Next, we put great emphasis on selecting the best translators, grouping them in teams of specialists and native-language speakers who feel like home when operating in a particular discipline. Even more, your Bikol translation will be managed by a professional linguist who is well-acquainted with all the intricate details with regard to cultural differences. Last but not least, our Bikol experts can meet tight deadlines as well. In case you have an urgent request to be fulfilled, we are here to assist you with outstanding results, delivered in time. We have managed an arsenal of various projects. Thus, we ensure reliable services.

Bikol Legal Translation Services
Translating legal documents requires to be familiar with the legal jurisdiction of both the source and target language. The task gets more complex when confronted with several variations which manifest in different countries. In order to provide first-rate translations, the Bikol legal linguist has to be state-appointed and equipped with a high-level of accuracy. During multiple years, articles, certificates, wills, agreements, family law cases, immigration documents, security cases, and many other types of documents have been managed competently and swiftly by our vetted linguists, always carried out in conformity with international standards. We can translate Bikol documents for you of numerous types:
- acquisition agreements
- document identification
- document management
- court reporting
- transcription services
- employment contracts
- commercial contracts
- wills
- court document and evidence translation
- rent and hire agreements
- court interpreting
- audio translation
- sworn translation, and many more.

Bikol Medical Translation Services
Medicine combines science and art in one single discipline, which makes the field so complex and based on in-depth knowledge. The wide range of practices, including prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, various surveys and inventions require specialization and a clear understanding of the terminology used in the hospital-related matters. Needless to say, the field is directly intertwined with other disciplines, playing an important role in our daily life too. Whether it is a prescription for a dear one or the upshots of a study, the medical area includes sensitive issues and the ideal grasping of the exact meaning is crucial. Thus, transposing text from Bikol to English or from English to Bikol requires specialized knowledge. Moreover, conveying the meaning may become more burdensome due to the absence of an identical notion in another language. In this case, the expert has to do his/her best to find the most suitable equivalent, by keeping the original meaning intact. With PoliLingua, you can rest assured that your project will be handled with great meticulosity. Years of refined practices and successfully attained goals have supported our fruitful relationships with the clientele, giving you one more reason to trust in our professionalism. We have handled an arsenal of projects, including the following:
- General medical translations
- Patient surveys
- Insurance forms
- Product catalogs
- Medical devices documentation
- Approval documents
- Clinical trials, and many more.

Bikol Technical Translation Services
Technological development is intrinsically connected with the economy sector, embracing various disciplines, such as engineering, scientific investigations, production of goods, and so on. Consequently, the rendition of the content has to be performed by reliable translators who would confidently discern the intended meaning, at the same time taking into account the internationally accepted standards. With regard to this, PoliLingua can intrepidly manage your technical translation documents, supporting a large spectrum of projects:
-  Patents translations
-  Equipment instructions translations
-  Engineering processes translations
-  User manuals translations
-  Technical instructions translations
-  Consumer products translations
-  Light machinery translations
-  Household appliance manufacturers translations
-  Professional products translations and many more.

Bikol Game Translation Services
Video game localization implies a multi-step process, starting from applying minor changes, taping the audio and adapting the content to the cultural characteristics. As it is a discipline directly tied to the economy sector, the localization task should be completed by a professional Bikol translator.This way, a bigger traffic will be reached and an increased revenue will be achieved. On the opposite, amateur translation may undermine significantly the quality of the game, interfering with the original meaning. In this sense, it is paramount to address the assignment with a high consideration for cultural distinctions. With our translation company, the Bikol game localization will be completed in accordance with cultural meaning imposed by each country, considering each gesture and the jargon used. PoliLingua provides a wide spectrum of translations:
- service description
- product description
- help information
- instructions
- promotional material
- brochures
- websites
- online games
- games for different platforms, and many more.

Country and language profile
Bikol languages belong to the Central Philippine group, widely used in the Bicol Peninsula on the island of Luzon, proximate to the province of Catanduanes and the Island of Burias in Masbate.

The Bicol Peninsula is situated in the Philippines and represents a part of the Bicol Region. Amongst geographic characteristics can be mentioned the presence of volcanoes Mayon and Bulusan. There are several regions which are abundantly populated, such as Daet, Camarines Norte, Naga, Camarines Sur, and Legazpi, Albai.

The languages of Bikol include numerous dialects. Some of them are: Coastal Bikol, Inland Bikol, Rinconada Bikol, and many more.

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