Bikol Certified Translation Services

The main consideration when selecting a translation agency to manage your Bikol translation is credibility. PoliLingua offers you an easy, fast, cost effective, and reliable way of getting a translation. Our Bikol linguists are qualified native linguists that are well versed and well-trained in industry knowledge and Bikol specialized terminology. Only technical specialists can ensure precision and usage of pertinent terminology. It is worth noting that each of our linguists is subject to rigorous recruitment and selection procedures in terms of their experience, education, language skills, and identification.

We handle translations for almost any types of texts:

If you need the same text in multiple languages, we offer translations into several languages. For example, if your company operates in several countries, you might be interested in a multilingual website. Internationalizing your business documentation, website, and software can ensure that you reach the largest market possible, which in turn, increases your profits and decreases customer miscommunication issues.

Please note if you are dissatisfied with a completed translation, we will make corrections free of charge, until it meets your full satisfaction. If there are any issues or questions with one of our translations, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of your translations.

Bikol Language Facts

Family: Malayo-Polynesian

Branch: Western

Continent: Asia

Region: Southern Catanduanes, Northern Sorsogon, Albay, Camarines Nort and Sur, Luzon, Naga City and Legaspi City are centres

Countries Where Spoken: Philippines

Country Where Official: Philippines

Native Speakers: 2,500,000

Speakers Total: 3,519,236

Three Letter Code: BKL

Alternative Names: Bikolano


Bikol Legal Translation

Our certified legal Bikol translators are officially authorized to provide professional certified translations and are experienced in handling all types of legal documents including patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyright contracts, employment and other business documents, leases, wills and trusts, etc. PoliLingua signs non-disclosure agreements and follows strict procedures to respect confidentiality.

Bikol Automotive Translation

Automotive engineering is progressively global in outlook; ergo, new developments of mechanical and electronic systems have to be efficiently communicated to sub-contractors and international partners, which often necessitates translation or interpretation assistance. Automotive translation and localization services cover a diverse array of documents such as car manuals and mechanical instructions, technical reports, catalogues, marketing materials and business products and website content. At PoliLingua we understand the importance of providing quality automotive translation which is why we apply a special quality control process designed to provide 100% error free translation while closely abiding by our respect of the non-disclosure policy. We value accountability and transparency and are dedicated to consistently following the specification agreed with the client.

For a quotation, please fill out the form and attach your document. A translation project manager will receive the request and respond with a detailed quotation as soon as possible.

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