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The Republic of Belarus is a former soviet state that was formed in 1939 and is an economic crossroads between several European countries and Russia. It continues to have a soviet era economy which is mainly government controlled but foreign investment and foreign partnerships are becoming increasingly important.

The economy is almost evenly divided between government controlled enterprises and privately owned enterprises. The need for careful negotiation has seen the need for Belarusian translators expand. The two official languages are Belarusian and Russian and they are very similar particularly in spoken form.

The restrictive nature of the government controls on foreign exchange, tourism, customs and trade mean that it is vital that documents are correctly translated. The importance of having officially recognized high quality English Belarusian translations cannot be understated and we can help you to translate your documents correctly and quickly.

Certified Translations
Our ability to offer certified translations will help you or your business when it comes to providing documents that will be used in Belarus. It will also give you confidence in documents coming from Belarus that will be used officially by governments, institutions and businesses worldwide.

Certified documents might be required to meet the standard set for documents in the business you are involved in or to properly prove the documents’ authenticity. It is important to have properly certified documents if they are required because uncertified translations may cause an application or transaction to be held up or to be dismissed.

Certified English to Belarus or Belarus to English translations differ from standard translations by having to conform to a standard of translation. It also needs to be performed by a professional translator that is conversant in both languages and that they certify that it is a full and accurate translation.

Documents that may need certified translations include:

Website Translation or Localization
Would you like your website to be viewed and understood by people that use Belarusian? You can do this quickly and inexpensively by using our great team of Belarusian translators to take your website and convert it to Belarusian for your web development personnel to use. The process is quick and painless and we can provide ongoing support as you expand your content. When you have new content that is ready to go live send us your data and we will translate it for the Belarus site.

If you are currently operating a Belarus based website but want to reach the huge English speaking market then we can take care of this as well. We can provide translations that not only correctly translate the intent and meaning of your website but also look and sound natural to English speaking customers. We can translate Belarusian to English quickly and at low cost making affordable for even the smallest website.

Here are some of the website translations that we have experience in:

Document Translation
The nature of documents in Belarusian can make it very difficult to understand them, because of the use of the Cyrillic based alphabet. This makes document translation very important so that you completely understand the nature of anything that you are being asked to agree to at a personal level and at a business level.

Our team can translate Belarusian to English quickly and at low cost. This means that you will not be waiting for weeks and months for important information. It normally takes no more than a few days. We can also accurately translate documents to Belarusian so that if you need documents, contracts or agreements that need to be understood by native Belarusian speakers we can quickly take care of this as well.

Some documents you might consider include:

Belarusian Language and Country
The country of Belarus is completely land locked and borders Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. It has more than 80% Ethnic Belarusians with sizeable minorities of Ethnic Russians, Poles and Ukrainians. There is conflicting data on how widespread Belarusian is used in the country and Russian is becoming the language most people use.

The political situation is unusual with the current President Lukashenko being in power since 1994. The GDP is relatively low with a per capita rate of about $15,000. It continues to be affected by the fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.