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At PoliLingua, we give you the best translation services the money can buy so your company could do business with a proper understanding of how things are. That’s why we give you professional Basque translation services that work for you. Call us for a free quote for professional translations for any sector or industry. Your business partners would appreciate your care when they know you contact PoliLingua translation agency and let our language experts do the translation for you. PoliLingua speaks over 100 languages, including the Basque language. And it is literally our job to support you and provide you with the translation (documents, localization, etc) you need. If our client wants to go global, we use our 20+ years of experience to make sure the deadlines and all requirements are met. Contact us today and get a free and quick quote!

Professional translations in Basque
Our experts offer excellent professional translation, interpretation, localization services, and many other services for any customer, company or project that wants to compete on a global scale and provide service to international clients who speak different languages including Basque. Specialized translations, certified legal translations (Basque document translation, patent applications), high-quality interpretation, voice-over, editing: our agency provides a wide range of language services drawing on the skills of professional translators and other expert Basque linguists working in their mother tongue. 

A multilingual website will allow you to expand your market and further increase your business opportunities abroad. Clients will feel more reassured on a site translated into their native language, they will have the impression of browsing a local site, a Basque website, for example, and will more easily decide to make a purchase. This will increase your popularity and improve your positioning. To enter a foreign market properly, translating your documents into the language of the market concerned becomes essential to make your products known better.

Basque to English and English to Basque Translation services
If you want to work with Spain, fluency in co-official languages ​​such as Basque or Catalan is essential. We provide you with the Basque translation services you need. The Basque Autonomous Community is one of the top 10 European economic regions. It is a leader in sectors such as the automotive and aeronautics industry, machine tools, renewable energies and telecommunications. If you wish to develop commercial links with the Basque country, you will inevitably be confronted with documents written in Basque. The Basque language is of the Eurasian, pre-Indo-European origin. Over time, Basque has evolved and adapted to the modern world. Basque is increasingly used in administrative, tourist and commercial documents. 

The quality Basque translations are therefore a must. Unlike other languages ​​that can be understood more or less intuitively, especially in writing, Basque is characterized by great originality. Online translation from Spanish to English or English to Spanish will not be of any use to you. Everything is different: the vocabulary, of course, but also the grammar, the conjugation or the pronunciation. Professional Basque translators have a perfect command of linguistics. While they can use translation software that includes a Basque dictionary to rough the work, only their Basque translation experience will guarantee you quality translations.

How much should you pay a translator? How much is a translation service?
The price of a translation depends on many factors: complexity and technicality of the content to be translated, the language pair concerned, volumes and delivery times, repetitions in the content, etc. Why and how do these elements impact the translation prices?

Language: the limited availability of professional translators available in certain linguistic pairs has a significant impact on the price of translation. Specific pricing sets apart some oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, Hebrew...), African languages (Oromo, Somali, Amharic, Malagasy, Swahili...) and some European languages (Dutch, German, Finnish, Slovak, Norwegian and Swedish...) from common linguistic pairs (English–French, German–Spanish, English–Italian, French–Portuguese...).

Specialty: highly specialized and field-specific texts (medicine, management, legal, finance, accounting, life science, etc.) and technical content (energy, oil, IT, food industry...) are supported by highly specialized translators. The rates charged vary according to the field of specialization, availability of professional translators or even the niche in question (for example, Basque medical translation or Basque technical translation).

Urgency: significant price changes may be applied for the delivery time with a word volume ratio to translate exceeds 1,500/2,000 words per day. Surcharges also apply if the task includes overtime on weekends, public holidays, or evenings, a last-minute booking of an interpreter, the delivery of a translation in less than 24 hours.

Format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML files usually have no price impact. The processing of unwritten (audio and video recordings) or handwritten content, the translation from non-editable documents (PDF, JPG, AI...), the production and integration of subtitles or voice-over, DTP operations are subject to ad hoc pricing.

Options: specifications play a noticeable role in preparing the estimate, particularly if you want to benefit from services besides the translation of a text (proofreading by a third party, localization, dubbing, etc.). Depending on the case, additional services may be subject to dedicated pricing, a flat rate or a revaluation of the basic unit price.

Request a quote for the services of our Basque translators
We are proud to deliver great, high-grade, well-priced Basque translation services for your project - small or bulky, common or sophisticated, technical or scientific. We work with 5 native Basque translators and have carried out 28 Basque projects with over 127.000 words. If you are looking for a Basque to English or English to Basque translator with some expertise, then do not hesitate and upload your document to our online system. You will receive a quotation with specifications of the Basque-English translation price as soon as your document is uploaded, and you have specified the field you need - Basque legal translation (certified Basque), Basque medical translation or Basque technical translation - and you are ready to go! Contact us and get a free quote for our quality translation services - English, French, Spanish and Basque as well. Fast, easy and cheap too!

The Basque language and people overview
The large region is commonly known as the Basque Country (Pais Vasco, in Spanish; Euskal Herria or Euskadi, in Basque) covers an area of ​​southwestern France and northern Spain, located on both sides of the Pyrenees. In other words, the Basque Country straddles France and Spain and is crossed from east to west by the Pyrenees mountain range, while opening to the northwest on the Atlantic Ocean. The entire region of the Basque Country covers an area of ​​20,664 km², which is very small compared, on the one hand, to Spain (504,748 km²), and to France (543 965 km²). However, as much as 86% of the territory of the Basque Country is in Spain, compared to 16% in France. 

The Basque language (called Euskara in Basque) is spoken by around 40% of the inhabitants of the Spanish Basque Country. Unlike other languages ​​throughout Western Europe, Basque or Euskara is not one of the Romance languages. In reality, Basque remains one of the few languages ​​in Europe, along with Finnish in Finland, Hungarian in Hungary and Estonian in Estonia, which is not among the Indo-European languages. With Basque, we can even speak of linguistic isolation (the Basque family), because no similarity could be established convincingly with other linguistic groups, not even with Finnish, Hungarian or Estonian. Basque is therefore an isolated family with only one language.

There are around 18 million people of Basque origin in the world. Many people in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada, are descended from Basque fishermen and whalers. Many Basque clergymen and high Basque officials were sent to the New World. Today, around 8 million people in Argentina, Chile and Mexico trace their roots back to the Basques, who emigrated to work as shepherds, farmers and miners. There are approximately 60,000 people of Basque descent in the United States. There are about 750.000 native Basque speakers in the world (about 1.185.500 passive speakers).

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