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PoliLingua broadens your multilingual possibilities by transcending language barriers.
During numerous years, our versed translators have demonstrated excellent results in overcoming linguistic challenges. Documents of any size or format are handled with professionalism and delivered in the shortest time possible. Our translation agency has built its Afrikaans translation services due to a highly-qualified team of linguists specialized in a wide range of fields. The segmentation of agents by their domain of expertise permits the selection of the best candidates suited for your specific subject, being fully aligned with ISO 17100:2015 certificate requirements, which serves as indisputable evidence of our proficiency. Moreover, computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools used by our Afrikaan linguists allow for better understanding and an increased level of precision throughout the translation process.

Afrikaans website translation services
Aiming to generate millions of potential users by adapting your website professionally? In this case, a proper understanding of cultural subtleties is indispensable if your goal is to  optimize the quality and consistency across projects. Whether translating from Afrikaans to English or from English to Afrikaans, we have tailored efficient solutions for your translation needs, performed at the highest level, in conjunction with advanced tools. Conveying content for your e-commerce site, an article on your blog or any other kind of online content are tasks for which our team of linguists has mastered the right skill set. Moreover, we guarantee professional results and on-time delivery. Plus, our translation agency will also take care of keywords and metatags which are best fitted for your project.  All aspects mentioned above are used in unison to create the best output for your material.

Our translation company offers an arsenal of services:

Afrikaans Medical Translation Services
Carrying out a translation in the healthcare industry implies sensitive matters. For instance, you want to be informed about health condition of a loved one or to sort out a medical instruction, you need the translation to be delivered with maximum accuracy. The medical field also includes particular terminology and jargon which is used with regard to health-related issues. Needless to mention, there is no room for random mistakes. Translation services should be handled by well-equipped, qualified and experienced Afrikaans language translators who have proven their knowledge in the medical field. Thus, we have created teams of selected translators who are experts in their specific domain of proficiency. This kind of approach improves the quality and diminishes the time required for the translation to be done.

We can translate Afrikaans to English and not only for a wide range of documents:

Afrikaans Document Translation
If you need Afrikaans language translation for documents then we can provide highly accurate translations that are processed quickly and in accordance with internationally recognized standards. The need to translate many documents when applying for funding with the various UN and international agencies requires flawless results, able to reflect the meaning from the original source. This can be problematic when cheap local translation services are used and may lead to funding request being rejected or held up. Our professional document translations are properly processed and will meet the highest standards that international organizations and government officials require.

The need for Afrikaans translation is increasing as proper documentation and verification becomes a higher priority in all areas. We regularly deal with documents that include:

Country and language profile
Afrikaans is a West Germanic language with roots in the Dutch vernacular of South Holland, also considered a Hollandic dialect. The language enjoys a wide use in South Africa, Namibia and, in smaller amounts, in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Afrikaans used to be spoken by the majority of Dutch settlers and the present-day South African people. The language started to show noticeable distinctions starting the 18th century. Originating from Dutch, the language used to be named earlier “Cape Dutch” or “kitchen Dutch”, as well as a creole or as a partially creolised language. The notion actually comes from the Dutch Afrikaans-Holland standing for “African Dutch”.
However, Afrikkans includes words borrowed from other languages, such as German and the Khoisan languages, around 90 to 95% of the vocabulary belongs to Dutch. Besides the presence of significant differentiations, the two languages sound quite similar.
Afrikaans Translation
Afrikkans encompasses approximately 7 million native speakers in South Africa, which represents 13.5% of the population. The language is considered to be the third-most-used in the country. Amongst the 11 official languages of South Africa, it covers the largest area, geographically and racially. The language is widely spoken in the western part of South Africa - provinces of the Northern Cape and Western Cape.
Besides, many Bantu and English native speakers also know Afrikaans. There are about 10.3 million students who are being taught Afrikaans at school, as their second language. Plus, the progress in the public area has determined the growth in popularity of the language. In remote regions of Namibia, the language is considered the lingua franca. There are also numerous afrikaans books, amongst which can be mentioned the Bible.
As a result of the early settlement of a Cape Malay community in Cape Town, nowadays being called by Coloureds, multiple Classical Malay words were included in Afrikaans. Many words have been borrowed from Indonesia, which used to be part of their colonies. For example piesang, which means banana.

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