Limagrain Europe Case Study

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Limagrain, the 4th largest seed company worldwide, is an international agricultural co-operative group, specialized in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. It conducts its business within the framework of a global, sustainable vision of agriculture and agri-food based on innovation and regulation of agricultural markets.Created in 1965 in France, it has become a global brand present on all continents, and used by farmers throughout the world.

Project Details

Services provided: Translation, transcription, subtitling
Industry covered: Agriculture
Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech
Volume: videos of 4-30 minutes
Deadlines: 2-3 days
PoliLingua’s customer:  since January , 2017


People working in agricultural industry commit themselves to food security, work safety focusing on innovative crop solutions, high technology and world’s food supply. This is done in order to secure the harvest, and also increase its productivity. Their goal is to focus on safeguarding the future of agriculture.

In terms of work safety in agricultural industry it involves identifying the hazards and also controlling them according to the rules of the government and ongoing safety training and education for the employees. PoliLingua accepted the challenge to provide fast, accurate and secure translation, tailored to our partner’s needs.

How we helped

In order to hit the tight deadlines, we created a roll-out process which was clear and predictable. We assigned 8 Expert Translators Dedicated to the Project - translating the videos in following languages:  German, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech.

At PoliLingua we take quality not as an act, but as a habit. Thus we have implemented our own in-house Quality Control Department to ensure that our partner receives the excellence that he deserves. The actual translation and the transcription services’ process consisted of a well structured and technical plan:

- We received the videos that were to be subtitled from our partner
- We did the transcription with times codes.
- We translated into the target languages in SRT format.
- And finally the company added subtitles to the videos.


The customer was able to ensure the safety and health of the company by describing the certain policies and procedures in native languages spoken by the employees.

Practicing proper procedures and giving them a safe environment will allow the employees to work without worrying about their safety.

Limagrain was able to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their staff around the world through various steps such as machinery guarding, fire, safety and sanitation. PoliLingua was honored to provide transcription, translation and subtitling service.

Whatever the size and complexity of your linguistic services demands, PoliLingua can offer you top quality service solutions at unbeatable rates. The PoliLingua team is designed to make you fluent in countries and cultures around the world, in every case providing you with the ideal linguistic experience. We’re here to help you achieve your goals around the world. Call us, ask a question, request a quote! Global success is a phone call away.

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