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Looking for consistent solutions for your multilingual challenges? Whether you need to translate from Galician to English or from English to Galician, our linguistic services are designed to yield excellent results perfectly aligned with your specific needs and always delivered in time.

Why PoliLingua?
Keeping pace with global distribution calls for high-quality services which will enable you to beat the game. In other words, opportunities which arise along with international distribution renders information more available and translating it properly is essential. Years of valuable experience in managing plenty of projects for many reputable companies gives us the pride and pleasure to help you in dealing with your linguistic tasks.

We know how important is to get your message across in a professional manner, which is why we have rigorously selected teams and methods adapted for the discipline in question. This means, for each project we will choose a subject-matter expert who will be in charge of putting in practice specialized knowledge and advanced tools, ready to produce accurate rendition of the meaning.  Computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools used by our professionals allow for better understanding and an increased level of precision throughout the whole translation process. Besides, we will make sure optimum results will be delivered within the deadline, considering cost-efficiency as well. This kind of approach guarantees preciseness and a high level of quality in handling specific terminology and jargon used for a particular field.  PoliLingua is also certified with ISO 17100:2015, which serves as another evidence of our reliable Galician linguistic services.

Galician Website Translation Services
Aiming to reach a broader audience by displaying comprehensible information on your website? In this sense, PoliLingua doesn't cut corners. Our versed linguists offer you the possibility to enjoy a fully engaging and captivating website which will ensure your profitable pursuit in the online world. Managing projects of any size and handling any format, our services go beyond simply conveying the meaning of the content and transcending language barriers. PoliLingua will also devote knowledge and consistency into picking up the most fitted keywords and metatags in order to generate interaction at the highest level possible. Efficient methodologies performed by a bespoke team will guarantee your success by providing clear and accurate messages translated properly. People will be reading the content on your website as if it was written in the original language. We can translate for you a plethora of project:

  • Website localization
  • Mobile applications translation
  • Translation API
  • Trading platforms translation
  • Writing services for website, and many more.

Galician Certified Translation
Traveling, moving abroad, applying for university, or dealing with other matters abroad  inevitably requires professional translation in order to make sure your plans don’t fall flat. Moreover, being familiar with the specific rules of the country you translate for is crucial. PoliLingua has managed numerous projects for various purposes and countries with a track record of successful linguistic performance. Our team of thorough and systematic Galician linguists has experience with all kinds of tasks and can confidently handle your certified translation with maximum accuracy, quickly and professionally. We can translate Galician for several kinds of documents:

  • ID cards
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • High School Diploma
  • Drivers licenses
  • Name change
  • Residence permits
  • Temporary resident papers and many more.

Galician Automotive Translation Services
Automotive industry is continually evolving, generating an increasing demand for marketplace expansion. The impact of the rapidly developing field is obvious in multiple economic areas, consequently augmenting the need for professional translators confidently handling specific terminology of the industry. Understanding functional, conceptual, and also cultural differences between countries is paramount when complying with specific requirements of the domain. The takeover of the Galician language translator has to possess a high command of the language,  ensuring an absolute commitment to the quality.

The industry includes various services, such as engineering, aviation, automotive, and other areas for which specialized knowledge is paramount. In order to avoid distorting the message, the complex translation process is executed in tandem with cutting edge-tools, always passing through a meticulous proofreading stage. Talking about experience, PoliLingua is proud to have worked with Toyota and Volkswagen, ensuring viable solutions. We provide Galician translation services for several types of documents:

  • Technical documents
  • Business materials
  • Catalogues
  • Machine translation
  • Voice overs for product presentations
  • Marketing translation
  • Product packaging translation, and many more.

Country and language profile
Galician (Galego)  is part of Indo-European languages and belongs to the Western Ibero-Romance family. There are 2.4 million speakers of the language, the majority being situated in Galicia, an autonomous community positioned in northwestern Spain, where it has been set as official language together with Spanish. There are also several other regions where Galician is widely spoken, such as some border zones of the neighbourhood Spanish regions of Austrias and Castile and Leon, as well as in Galician migrant communities in the rest of Spain, in Latin America, the United States, Switzerland and other places in Europe.
Modern Galician has evolved into the so-called Galician-Portuguese due to its relatedness to West Iberian languages group, a family of Romance languages that includes the Portuguese language, developed locally from Vulgar Latin. Variations of dialectal level are manifest between the northern and southern versions of Galician-Portuguese in 13th-century texts, but there are also plenty of similarities which contributed to the cultural unity maintained until the middle of the 14th century, giving light to the medieval Galician-Portuguese lyrics. Differences have been present till today, generating the modern languages of Galician and Portuguese.
The Galician lexicon is mainly composed of Latin words, along with Germanic and Celtic provenience, among other substrates and adstrates, including also a number of nouns from Andalusian Arabic.
The language is officially monitored in Galicia by the Royal Galician Academy.
Galician Translation
In the present, controversial views depict the Galician’s status in relation to Portuguese, several disparities possessing political nuances. There are radical opinions which divide the language into those who affirm that Galician and Portuguese are variations of the same language, while others see them as co-dialects of a common language, in spite of distinctions in phonology and vocabulary. A different view shared by Fernandez Rei in 1990 insists on Galician being a language through elaboration, in contrast to Portuguese, which is considered a language through detachment.
With the rise of democracy, Galician has been officialized into the country’s institutions, along with Spanish in Galicia. The language enjoys a wide use in education, and television as well.
Climatic conditions made possible the tradition of wine making. Besides, several fiestas take part all year round, such as Fiesta de la Trucha, which is mainly dedicated to those who enjoy the consumption of fish, especially trout. The land of Galicia is also known for hosting the final destination of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. In terms of musical preferences, Galician have a strong connection with Celtic music. Dancing doesn’t miss from their traditions, usually performed along with the Gaita, the Galician bagpipes.

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