Edu Zece Plus

’’Since the beginning of the collaboration on AIDOMA project, PoliLingua team has demonstrated professionalism, perfect understanding and good communication. We hope and wish for a perfect collaboration with PoliLingua in the future.’’

Edu Zece Plus is a Romanian company that focuses on the human interaction and development. It provides psychology and psycho pedagogy courses for its clients. PoliLingua assisted Edu Zece Plus for making AIDOMA educational platform accessible for its international audience. AIDOMA being a thematic platform, with interactive courses, approaching one of the most important dimensions of Personal Development, namely communication.

Project Details

Services provided: Translation, proofreading, voice over
Languages: Romanian-English UK, English US, Spanish
Industry: Education; Psychology
PoliLingua’s customer: 8 months
Volume: 2 courses: Body language-Gesture-Interpretation; Interpretation of gestures in 7 Steps;  Voice over recording: 4000 minutes; Translation and proofreading for AIDOMA platform and IACPS (International Asociation for Psychology of Communication) – 100000 words
Deadlines: up to 2 months for voice over and 5-7 business days for translation and proofreading


Psychology is a highly specialized discipline that involves a comprehensive scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. Its goal is to understand individuals and groups through the establishment of general principles and the research of specific cases. The field has been a part of the education system for generations with a number of textbooks and manuals that require translation into various languages in order to cater to a global audience. In this particular project we were assigned with the mission to localize educational videos and promote our partner’s services on different target markets, so they can teach people from all over the world the strategies that are most important in communication. Our customer needed one provider that would help them with all the projects’ stages: translation, proofreading and voice over recording.

How we helped

At PoliLingua we believe that whatever the problem is, we are part of the solution. For this specific challenge we took the following action to meet our customer’s needs:

- we have identified talents that would match our client’s demands regarding professionalism, tone of voice, age etc.;
- we produced high quality audios that could be easily edited;
- we offered proofreading service with native speakers for the scripts provided by the client at the beginning to ensure a more natural speech flow and afterwards translation for other courses;
- we tested and employed qualified linguists native in target languages with background in psychology and communication;
- and in the end we performed final QA before final delivery;
All o the above described processes have been monitored by a dedicated team of sales and project managers.


We have proved ourselves as being a reliable, customer oriented partner that is able to provide optimal, cost-effective solutions, being flexible with the time frames and meeting special requirements.

At PoliLingua, we use specialist translators who have with suitable qualifications and experience in this particular field. In addition, we only choose translators with specific linguistic skills to ensure that we deliver 100% accuracy every time. The quality control process ensures that the final product has outstanding quality and reads as if originally written in the target language. At PoliLingua we have a proven track record of providing high-quality translation services.

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