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Looking for professional solutions for your Bhojpuri translation project? If accuracy, time-efficiency and high level of quality play important roles for you, then look no farther than PoliLingua. Built to assuage your difficulties in dealing with multilingual challenges, we are here to deliver the best of both worlds.

Why PoliLingua?
The adaptation to the global distribution demands top-notch services which will enable you to put your best foot forward. Moreover, the possibilities for broader interactions come hand-in-hand with the distribution of clear information, which is our main task, consistently performed during numerous years of experience. Getting your message across for us constitutes an important mission, which is expertly executed by a well-trained team, endowed with all the necessary knowledge and advanced tools. Providing optimum results with high respect for meeting the imposed deadline gives us the confidence in serving our clients properly. Besides, our methodologies imply the division of specialized Bhojpuri language translators in teams based on their area of proficiency. This approach guarantees preciseness and a high level of quality in handling specific terminology used for a particular discipline. Moreover, we put great emphasis on cost-efficiency. PoliLingua is also certified with ISO 17100:2015, which serves as another evidence of our trustworthy linguistic services.

Bhojpuri Website Translation Services
Do you want your website to stand out from the crowd by achieving a wider audience? Is your goal to drive the success of your business by getting your message across to different countries all around the world? Our website translation services work as right as rain. Putting into practice improved techniques which include searching for the right keywords and metatags, our translation services go beyond the simple act of conveying the exact meaning only. As we have mentioned, a bespoke team of specialists versed in this particular matter will be assigned your project in order to attain impeccable results for your source material. Computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools used by our professionals allow for better understanding and an increased level of precision throughout the whole translation process. Advanced techniques will be applied in tandem with a suite of other methodologies in order to emphasize the essence of the message as clearly as possible. Whether converting from English to Bhojpuri, from Bhojpuri to English, or from Hindi to Bhojpuri, we have worked with all of them and have always performed our best. We can translate for you a gamut of types of project:

  • Website localization
  • Mobile applications translation
  • Translation API
  • Trading platforms translation
  • Writing services for website, and many more.

Bhojpuri Technical Translation Services
Due to the ever-increasing technological level, accompanied by the competitiveness amongst the marketplace businesses, the demand for top-rate translation services has augmented. Tenacious and systematic linguists have joined a team of technical specialists to deliver faultless results by following a multi-step process regularly adapted to up-to-date methods. The extensive experience in the field guarantees the fulfillment of your expectations within the limits of the deadline and an expert adaptation to the particularities of the culture. The services cover a myriad of types of documents:

  • Patents translations
  • Equipment instructions translations
  • Engineering processes translations
  • User manuals translations
  • Technical instructions translations
  • Consumer products translations
  • Light machinery translations
  • Household appliance manufacturers translations
  • Professional products translations and many more.

Bhojpuri Financial Translation Services
Expanding your business overseas, or being involved in negotiations requires having your information translated properly. When working as an individual or consultant, specific terminology and jargon should be addressed with a solid comprehension of the domain. Besides, confidence and security are paramount when agreeing or putting forward a financial situation. In this context,  our company has years of experience in banking translation in multiple languages. A stringent selection process allowed our agency to gather together dedicated and knowledgeable candidates to bring about excellent results fast and with a particular consideration for the security of our clients. We also offer flexibility and confidence in enhancing the success in your financial dealings. Our Bhojpuri  translation services encompass several types of documents:

  • Financial reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Rules and regulations
  • Income statements
  • Business Plans
  • Contracts and purchase agreements
  • Tax reports
  • Prospectuses, and many more.

Bhojpuri Certified Translation
When dealing with official institutions abroad, professional certified translations become an indisoluble part of the process. Let’s say you plan to apply abroad for a university degree. In order to validate your papers required for the enrollment, your degree should be translated. The team of knowledgeable linguists from our translation agency have handled this kind of tasks a million times and more. Solutions for any kind of difficulty are meticulously mastered by our specialists who feel at home in the are of their expertise. Our services encompass several kinds of documents:

  • ID cards
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • High School Diploma
  • Drivers licenses
  • Name change
  • Residence permits
  • Temporary resident papers and many more.

Country and language profile
Bhojpuri, which is classified as a Hindi dialect, is a language spoken in the North-Eastern part of India and the Terai region of Nepal. A wide use has been noticed in western Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. Bhojpuri is a member of Eastern Indo-Aryan family, also officially recognized in Nepal and Fiji. It is also a minority language in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, South Africa, and Mauritius.

There is also a version of the language, called Indo-Caribbean, used by Indo-Carribean people. In Trinidad, Tobago and Guyana, Bhojpuri has been affected by the English lexical influence. In Mauritius, the number of speakers fell down by reaching about 5% of the population.

Bhojpuri language is present in the teaching system as well, including matriculation, higher secondary level in Bihar School Education Board and Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh. Lessons in Bhojpuri also take place in several universities of India.

Regarding literature, there are two famous books that can be mentioned: Lorikayan, from the folk literature, and Bhikhari Thakur’s Bidesiya. Bhojpuri magazines and papers are published in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

We treasure our clients and would be happy to be of help. Request a quote from PoliLingua and see how fast and easy it can be.

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