Our Team

Our company's mission is pretty simple: provide excellent quality and service at great rates. We all have a passion for languages (each of our employees speaks fluently at least 2 languages) and aim to use the latest technology to solve the problems pertaining to translation and localization of information. Our team is comprised by experts of the localization industry, each bringing his broad expertise and passion to each project.

We employ a very diverse and large number of linguists and software localization engineers.

Radu Sargu
President & CEO

Radu created the company from scratch in 2002 without any outside financing. Since then, PoliLingua grew from a single entrepreneur into a localization company with offices in Moldova (Eastern Europe) and a representation in Cleveland, USA. Radu holds a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics and Foreign Languages. He is fluent in English, Russian, Romanian and has a basic understanding of French.

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Inga Popazoglo
Senior project manager

Inga joined the company in 2006 to provide a high level of project management. She contributes to the company's day-to-day operations and flawless project management process. Inga holds a Bachelors Degree in Management and speaks English, Russian and Romanian.

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Roman Sargu
Chief Technology Officer

Roman  has an extensive knowledge of Internet technologies and broad experience working with all kinds of software platforms and packages. He is overseeing the web localization department and ensures a flawless operation over the web. He is an IT engineer holding a Bachelor’s Degree.

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Vasile Sculea

Vasile joined PoliLingua in 2007, he is a young but experienced and talented programmer working on our internal programming requirements. His area of expertise includes PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML, he is also very good at using API of various services (e.g. Google, PayPal, Facebook, Amazon etc.) He has an extensive list of successfully delivered projects.

Natalia Sargu
Project manager

Natalia is showing great dedication every day in making sure the transcription projects meet the guideline criteria, follow quality assurance procedures and are being delivered on time. A valuable team member and a great person to be around. She is fluent in Russian, Romanian and English.

Ruxanda Chirosca

Content Designer

Ruxanda joined the company in 2012. She is showing amazing creativity on a daily basis in drafting the designs of our online content. She also contributes to social media promotion activities. Ruxanda is fluent in Romanian, Russian, English and is currently studying French.

Vladimir Hangan

Marketing & SEO Expert

Vladimir is running Marketing Depatment. He has linguistic background and contributes to efficient daily operations promoting PoliLingua and implementing marketing and search engine optimization campaigns.