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The Flemish language is a derivative of Dutch and it is spoken in the northern part of Belgium. Although it is similar to Dutch it is different enough for films and television made in the Flanders region of Belgium to have subtitles when shown in the Netherlands and for Netherlands sourced material to need subtitles in Flemish.
Belgium has three official languages, Flemish, French and German. The most widely spoken is Flemish, making the Flemish language important both for commerce, legal and governmental tasks in Belgium. It is important to use fully accredited Flemish translation services so that you are guaranteed to have your documents properly translated.
The Flemish speaking region has many opportunities and by being able to quickly and accurately translate Flemish and translate English you can take advantage of the opportunities. If you are in need of registering foreign documents in Flemish or translating Flemish documents to English we can help you. Our rates are affordable and we can translate a few pages or cartons full of documents quickly and accurately.

Legal Translations
If you are in need of accurate legal translations then our experienced and dedicated team can quickly help you with English Flemish translation. You will be surprised how quickly and inexpensively high quality work is produced. Our ability to hire the best translators available means that you get the advantage of improved turnaround times and superb accuracy.
We have always taken the view that you only get what you pay for and by making sure we have the best it helps us to increase the volume of work we can produce as a team. This is more efficient than having people without experience in Flemish to English translation for legal documents. This means that fewer mistakes are made and the better quality translations produced have given us our good reputation in legal translation services.
Our translation team has experience in translating legal documents including:

  • Witness statements
  • Indictments
  • Judgments
  • Trust documents
  • Legal wills
  • Official court documents
  • Legal opinions

Financial Translations
The need for high quality financial translation services is increasing as economies globalize and even relatively small businesses start to deal with overseas governments, banks, reporting agencies and businesses. It is very important that translated documents not only accurately reflect the source documents intent but that they also do not introduce any ambiguity. When you use a Flemish translator from our team they are fully trained and have the experience necessary to properly produce translations that will not disadvantage you or your business.
It is common for financial transactions to need translations done quickly so that the transaction can proceed. We understand that accuracy is paramount but speed is also vital. You can always contact us if you have special needs outside our standard translation turnaround time. We will always strive to meet your needs on any financial English Flemish translation that you need urgently.
There is a huge variety in the types of financial documents that we regularly translate for our customers. These include:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Company accounts
  • Regulatory filings
  • Financial statements
  • Financial agreements
  • Contracts
  • Loan and financing agreements

Game Translation and Localization
There are more than 6 million Flemish speaking people in Belgium and there very high disposable income has made them an increasingly targeted market. The huge increase in smart phone and pad device ownership has increased the number of games available that are both originally produced in Flemish and that can be translated to Flemish making them more saleable.
Using an experienced team of Flemish translation specialists will not only make your game more accessible to the Flemish speaking market but can also take a current or developing title and translate it to English giving it access to the huge English speaking market. Contact us today and discuss how we can help you improve your product at a price that will please you.

  • iPhone games
  • Android games
  • Windows games
  • Console games

Flemish Speaking People
The Flemish language is made up of four major dialects Brabantian, East Flemish, West Flemish and Limburgish. Just under two thirds of the people in Belgium speak Flemish and there are parts of the Netherlands and France that speak one of the four dialects that make up Flemish.
Belgium is tightly integrated with the European Union and has a high GDP of $483.7 billion, with a per capita average of about $40,000. The population is 11.14 million. Brussels is considered the unofficial capital of the European Union and hosts the European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Council and one of two seats of the European Parliament.

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