Translation & Voice-over for Mobile application

In the world of mobile tech business, globalization is everything. It is crucial the mobile application software aims for global reach.
This is when professional translation services come in play to take care of localization of the mobile application data, make the app appeal to local market and encourage global transparency.


Eflashapps ("E" for Educational "Flash" for Flash Cards "Apps") design and develop interactive educational mobile applications suitable for children, parents, educators and teachers worldwide.
It also presents a genuine interest for language learners due to the easy and fun way to be trained.
Due to its innovative and tech approach to children learning, iPhone applications form Eflashapps instantly became bestsellers and entered the top 100 educational apps on both
iTunes and Google Play.


At Polilingua, our project management and quality assurance procedures have been tested once again, as the Eflashapps translation project demanded an extra care due to the multi-step
nature of the work that included translation, voice-over recording, audio files editing and image processing follow handling numerous small files.

Project Volume:
Translation and Voice-over recording of 600 words into each of the following languages: Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, German.


A wide range of professional software was used for the duration of this project. Efficient file handling procedures embedded in our project management process ensured the huge number of documents and files in a variety of formats being used efficiently. 
On client’s request, each of our native speaker translators used their knowledge of local culture to provide extra words for the app's content; words attributed for each nation & language
custom to each of the thematically arranged categories within the project.


Due to efficient project management and quality control programs embedded within the work tactic, PoliLingua successfully delivered quality services before the set deadline.
Understandably, there is an increased degree of dedication required from mobile software developer creating multilingual educational apps. Errors are simply inadmissible when it comes to teaching. This underlines the importance of entrusting an educational related translation project to professionals. At PoliLingua we can handle the translation project of any complexity.