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Looking for professional Dutch translation services of premium quality, suited for your specific purpose? Whether you need to translate from Dutch to English or from English to Dutch, PoliLingua is more than glad to provide you with translations of high standard, handled by specialized linguists.

Why PoliLingua?
Due to years of consistency in the domain, our translation agency has worked towards implementing the best methods in order to ensure excellent results for our clients. To begin with, our services are crafted in a way which guarantees success across your multilingual goals, by being absolutely compliant with the internationally established requirements of ISO 17100:2015 certificate. This means that your project will be managed with topmost accuracy and proven expertise. Besides, cutting-edge methods, CAT tools and software are used to improve the quality, while shortening the time required for the translation to be completed. And this is not all, linguists work in specialized teams of native speakers who posses in-depth knowledge in a specific area and are aware of cultural subtle differences. Even more, you can trust with your eyes closed that your multilingual project will get maximum devotion and professional approach due to the scrupulous selection of experts who know the ropes of the domain. We also put a lot of emphasis on delivering fast results, always in accordance with the established timeframes. This principle is applicable for a broad arsenal of translation types, as we have dealt with various Dutch translations, always managed professionally. Thus, you can trust your choice and proceed to getting excellent results which will help you achieve your multilingual goals.

Dutch Automotive Translation Services
The automotive industry extends its limits globally, fostering the need for experienced translators who would be able to convey the meaning from one language to another masterly and proficiently. Especially when the industry is taking big steps ahead faster than before, and is intertwined with other domains. No wonder, the suitable linguist must possess very specific skills. Plus, a high command of both the source and target language is essential. Not to mention the fact that the automotive domain implicates a multitude of compartments, such as engineering, aviation, design, and so on, and thus, a proper comprehension of technical aspects is paramount.  Besides, all the aforementioned requirements should be performed in complete alignment with international requirements. In this context, PoliLingua has proudly provided Toyota and Volkswagen with translation services. Our linguists work assiduously towards mastering the best solutions, taking into account accuracy and time-efficiency. We have handled a variety of documents in the automotive sector, such as:
- Technical documents
- Business materials
- Catalogues
- Machine translation
- Voice overs for product presentations
- Marketing translation
- Product packaging translation, and many more.

Dutch Technical Translation Services
Technical translations require a strong comprehension of both scientific and engineering topics. With regard to this, our experienced linguists are highly acquainted with terminology and jargon involved in this particular area. No matter the size or format of your assignment, our translators are supplied for a large pool of multilingual projects. Thus, you can take advantage of professional services, as we can solve multiple linguistic issues, for various types of documents:
- Patent translations
- Equipment instructions translations
- Engineering processes translations
- User manuals translations
- Technical instructions translations
- Consumer products translations
- Light machinery translations
- Household appliance manufacturers translations
- Professional products translations, and many more.

Dutch Legal Translation Services
Being highly familiar with the jurisdiction of both the source and the target language is a must when managing legal issues. Another important moment should be considered when legal variations manifest form one country to another. In this context,  the Dutch legal translator has to be state-acquainted and endowed with accuracy. Needless to say, each word play a major role in defining the perceived meaning, exerting a major influence on taking important decisions. PoliLingua can translate legal documents of different types:
- Acquisition agreements
- Document identification
- Document management
- Court reporting
- Transcription services
- Employment contracts
- Commercial contracts
- Wills
- Court document and evidence translation
- Rent and hire agreements
- Court interpreting
- Audio translation
- Sworn translation, and many more.

Dutch Financial Translation Services
Financial translation comes up with very specific notions. For instance, connecting with global stakeholders, managing financial negotiations and signing important documents is an important part of the integration into a foreign market process. Whether taking action as a business or working as an individual, or a consultant,  having your information translated properly are essential elements for your success in financial dealings. Moreover, transparency and confidentiality cannot be missed throughout the process, if aspiring to achieve optimal results. We are highly considerate of internal policy and we treasure the privacy of our customers. Besides, all the translation tasks are done by professionals.
We offer linguistic services for a wide range of financial documents:
- Financial reports
- Balance sheets
- Rules and regulations
- Income statements
- Business Plans
- Contracts and purchase agreements
- Tax reports
- Prospectuses, and many more.

Country and language profile
Dutch belongs to Western Germanic languages and has around 24 million speakers who consider it the first language, and other 5 million for whom it has a status of the second language. The majority are located in the Netherlands, a country where it is the only official language. It is also known that Dutch is one of three official languages in Belgium.

Besides the Low Countries, it is the mother tongue of a huge part of the population from Suriname, where it is also possess an official status, as it does in Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten, which are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, situated in the Caribbean.

Roughly speaking, Dutch presents a mix of similarities between German and English. There are several grammatical characteristics related to German.

The Netherlands ranks first in the European Union and second worldwide in value of agricultural exports. The country is also famous for exporting flowers and flower-bulbs.

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