Are you in search for professional Brazilian Portuguese translation services? PoliLingua is more than glad to assist you with first-rate translations, due to its  team of meticulously selected linguists who perform the tasks in accordance with internationally recognized standard of ISO 17100:2015 certificate.

Why PoliLingua?
Year by year, PoliLingua has acquired valuable experience in the industry by offering high-quality Brazilian Portuguese language translation services to individuals, small and large corporations, and for a wide range of fields. In fact, there are plenty of motives to handle your project to our translation agency. First of all, PoliLingua carries on all the assignment in perfect alignment with international standards, which asserts the level of quality of our services. Secondly, we enjoy the indisputable benefits of computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools, which contribute hugely in terms of quality and speed of the translating performance. Next, we devote particular consideration to building teams of subject-matter experts who possess specialized knowledge and can easily deal with tricky expressions and distinct notions which belong to a particular field. Even more, your Brazilian Portuguese translation will be handled by a bespoke team made of competent linguists who are native speakers of the language in question and, as an advantage, are highly-accustomed with the uniqueness of the culture, capturing distinct details which play a major role in translation. Last but not least, our Brazilian Portuguese experts can work under all-but-impossible deadline, which gives you the opportunity to fulfill urgent task quickly and professionally. We have dealt with a large pool of projects. Thus, we guarantee excellent results delivered in time.

Brazilian Portuguese Automotive Translation Services
The automotive sector grows in size propelling the need for the marketplace extension on an international level. The complexity and the ever-increasing speed of development is inevitably connected to other departments, which raises the need for professional translators who are ready to serve the industry with high-quality assistance. In this context, being well-familiarized with conceptual, functional and cultural particularities is key. Moreover, possessing a high command of the source and target language is crucial. Considering the fact that the automotive industry comes with an arsenal of compartments, including engineering, design, aviation, and many more, the Brazilian Portuguese automotive translator should demonstrate proficiency in many areas, at the same time being committed to international specifications. In this sense, PoliLingua is proud to have managed successful translations for Toyota and Volkswagen. Our agency puts a great emphasis on accuracy and time-efficiency, working towards mastering for best solutions, no matter the type of your Brazilian Portuguese project. We have handled numerous types of documents in this field:
- Technical documents
- Business materials
- Catalogues
- Machine translation
- Voice overs for product presentations
- Marketing translation
- Product packaging translation, and many more.

Brazilian Portuguese Medical Translation Services
Ensuring clinical safety and dealing with information of sensitive nature requires a proper translation of the content able to communicate clearly the intent from the original content.  When faced with the translation of a medical prescription, the linguist should know the entire terminology, as a tiny error can impact hugely the perceived meaning. In this context, PoliLingua doesn’t gamble on quality. A keen eye for detail and specialized knowledge is a mandatory prerequisite for our medical linguists. Our linguists have provided several types of translations:
- Approval documents
- Clinical trials
- Medical devices instructions
- General medical translations
- Patient surveys
- Insurance forms
- Datasheets
- Package inserts and labels and many more.

Brazilian Portuguese Financial Translation Services
With years of experience in financial translation, our experts have worked with global stakeholders and managed several assignments for foreign companies. We know how important is the perfect comprehension of the information stipulated in financial negotiations  and this is why we have carried out a strict selection of the best suited linguists for financial dealings who know the ropes of the domain. Whether transposing meaning from Brazilian Portuguese to English or from English to Brazilian Portuguese, pricesiness and client’s privacy are paramount. Our linguistic services apply to various documents, such as:
- Financial reports
- Balance sheets
- Rules and regulations
- Income statements
- Business Plans
- Contracts and purchase agreements
- Tax reports
- Prospectuses, and many more.

Brazilian Portuguese Certified Translation Services
Moving abroad, applying for school or university in a foreign country, or starting a new job requires  a proper translation adapted to the country you are considering. The Brazilian Portuguese conversion of the content comes to help you in achieving your goals by removing linguistic impediments and providing you with confidence in pursuing your plans abroad. Our company has performed for a significant period of time all types of certified translation and has mastered reliable methods suited for a myriad of purposes, including the following:
- ID cards
- Passports
- Visas
- High School Diploma
- Drivers licenses
- Name change

- Residence permits
- Temporary resident papers, and many more.

Country and language profile
Brazilian Portuguese, also called português brasileiro, is a group of dialects which refer to the Portuguese language, most widely used in Brazil. Overall, there are about 200 million inhabitants in Brazil and virtually all of them speak Brazilian Portuguese. Besides, there are other 2 million users spread all  around the world.

There are noticeable distinctions on phonological level which renders the language quite different from other dialects spoken in Portugal and some African countries where Portuguese is largely spoken. In the last mentioned countries, the language possess more contemporary featured which are specific for the European Portuguese, due to a longer period of colonial rule in respect to Brazil. Plus, there are also visible differences in the formal writing.

Lately, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries have agreed on setting a unique rule regarding the orthography for all the POrtuguese speakers. Starting from 1 January, 2009, the rule became active in Brazil , and it took 6 years for Portugal inhabitants to get used to the new agreement. There are a few variations depending on region which are mutually intelligible, presenting some minor distinctions, such as the pronunciation of the vowel and the intonation used in a conversation.

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