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Are you in search of professional and Brazilian Portuguese translation services? PoliLingua is happy to help you by offering accurate translation services by a professional translator team of handpicked native speakers who perform their tasks under the internationally recognized standard of ISO 17100:2015 certificate. Contact us now and request a free quote!

Why you should choose PoliLingua for your next Brazilian Portuguese translation project
Year by year, PoliLingua has gained valuable experience in the industry by providing high-quality professional Brazilian Portuguese language translation services to individuals, small businesses and large corporations in a wide range of industries. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to get our translation agency onboard to translate your next Brazilian translation project. PoliLingua carries on all the assignments in perfect alignment with international standards, which ensures the highest level of quality of the services we provide.

  • We enjoy the indisputable benefits of computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools, which contribute hugely in terms of quality and speed of the translating performance.
  • We place special emphasis on building teams of subject-matter experts who possess specialized knowledge and can easily deal with tricky expressions and distinct notions of a particular field.
  • A bespoke team of professional linguists - who are native speakers of the language in question and are well familiar with the cultural patterns - will handle your Brazilian Portuguese translation, capturing distinct details which play a major role in translation.
  • Our Brazilian Portuguese experts can work under the tightest deadlines, which gives you the opportunity to complete even the most time-sensitive projects within short timeframes. We have vast experience in dealing with a large pool of projects, and we mean it when we promise excellent service and results delivered on time.

PoliLingua uses the latest translation technologies to make sure you get what you need on a high quality level and in time. Contact us today and see for yourself!

Brazilian Portuguese Automotive Translation Services
The automotive sector grows in size, propelling the need for marketplace extension on an international level. The complexity and the ever-increasing speed of development are inevitably connected to other departments, which raises the demand for professional native translators. In this context, being well-versed in conceptual, functional and cultural backgrounds is key. Moreover, having a good command of a source and target language is crucial.

Given that the automotive industry comes with an arsenal of compartments, including engineering, design, aviation, and many more, the Brazilian Portuguese automotive translator should show proficiency in many areas, at the same time being committed to international specifications. In this sense, PoliLingua is proud to have managed successful translations for Toyota and Volkswagen. Our agency puts a great emphasis on accuracy and time-efficiency, working towards mastering for best solutions, no matter the type of your Brazilian Portuguese translation project. We have handled many projects involving but not limited to:

  • Technical documents
  • Business materials, marketing translations
  • Catalogues
  • Voice-overs for product presentations
  • Website translations
  • Product packaging translations, etc.

Brazilian Portuguese Medical Translation Services
Ensuring clinical safety and dealing with sensitive information requires a proper translation that can convey clearly the purpose of the original content. When faced with the translation of a medical prescription, the linguist must know the entire terminology, as a tiny error in a single word can affect hugely the perceived meaning. In this context, PoliLingua doesn’t gamble on quality. A keen eye for detail and specialized knowledge are key requirements for any professional medical translator we work with. Our linguists have provided several types of translations:

  • Approved documents
  • Clinical trials
  • Guides and instructions for medical devices
  • General medical translations
  • Patient surveys
  • Insurance forms
  • Datasheets
  • Package inserts and labels, etc.

Brazilian Portuguese Financial Translation Services
With years of experience in financial translation, our experts have worked with global stakeholders and managed several assignments for foreign companies. We know how important a good understanding of the information during financial negotiations is, and this is the reason we handpick the best linguists with excellent knowledge of the financial industry. When translating from Brazilian Portuguese to English or from English to Brazilian Portuguese, accuracy and privacy of clients are essential to the process. Our linguistic services apply to such documents as:

  • Financial reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Rules and regulations
  • Income statements
  • Business Plans
  • Contracts and purchase agreements
  • Tax reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Other types of translations

Certified Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services
Moving abroad, applying for school or university in a foreign country, or starting a new job requires a proper translation adapted to the laws of the country you are considering. Translation of your legal documents into Brazilian Portuguese will help you to achieve your goals by removing linguistic barriers and providing you with confidence in pursuing your plans abroad. Our company has been working with many types of certified translation for a while and has mastered reliable methods suited for a myriad of purposes, including:

  • ID cards
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • High School Diploma
  • Driver licenses
  • Name change
  • Residence permits
  • Temporary resident papers, and other legal document translation.

Fast and accurate Brazilian translation services for your business with PoliLingua
Our translation agency offers accurate, well-priced, quick Brazilian Portuguese translation services for your project - small or bulky, common or sophisticated, technical or scientific - of any type of requirements, complexity or deadlines. We work with 505 native Brazilian Portuguese translators and have carried out 325 projects with around 8.287.000 words translated. If you are looking for Brazilian Portuguese to English or English to Brazilian Portuguese translators with expertise, contact us or use our site to upload your document to request a free quote. We appreciate your business and would be happy to work with you. 

Brazil's population and language overview
Brazil (port.: Brasil) is the largest state in South America that covers almost half the area of the South American continent. With a surface area of 8.5 million km², it ranks the 5th in the world behind Russia, China, Canada and the United States. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Except for different languages spoken by Indian tribes living in remote reservations, and immigrant languages, Portuguese is the only language spoken by almost the entire population (95%). Since over 200 million people speak Portuguese, it is the 8th most widely used language in the world. Brazilian Portuguese, also called português brasileiro, is a group of dialects that refer to the Portuguese language, most widely used in the country. Though Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese of Portugal are called the same name, there are a lot of 'brazilianisms' ('brasileirismos'), uniquely Brazilian words, in the vocabulary of those who speak Brazilian Portuguese.

There are noticeable distinctions on a phonological level which renders the language quite different from other dialects spoken in Portugal, some African countries (Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Cape Verde Islands, Sao Tome and Principe Islands) and some parts of Timor in Asia where Portuguese is popular. In the latter countries, the language has more contemporary features which are specific for European Portuguese, because of a longer period of European colonial rule. Plus, there are also considerable differences in formal writing. The Community of Portuguese Language Countries agreed on setting a unique rule regarding the orthography for all the Portuguese speakers. Starting from 1 January 2009, the rule came into effect in Brazil. Depending on the region, there are a few dialects that are mutually intelligible, presenting some minor distinctions, such as the pronunciation of vowels and the intonation used in a conversation. 

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