Azerbaijani translations

Azerbaijani translations

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PoliLingua is at your disposal with internationally recognized translation services available for a multitude of purposes, managed by competent experts with years of experience in several domains. Our perfected methods were specially designed to deliver the best experience to our clientele in terms of quality, time-saving and cost-efficiency. Whether translating from English to Azerbaijan or from Azerbaijani to English, we guarantee excellent results!

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Professional Azerbaijani Translation Services - PoliLingua

We know how important is for our customers to obtain the wanted outcome and this is why we do our best to work it through. First of all, we have created teams of specialists based on the area of proficiency, which means that your translation will be handled by fully knowledgeable linguists who are well-acquainted with all the granular details of the discipline in question. Besides, mother-tongue Azerbaijani translators will be responsible for the subtle nuances which define the uniqueness of the culture implied in the source and target language. This will add to the quality of your content. Secondly, we enjoy broadly the benefits of computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools, which permits the fulfillment of tasks at a greater speed and with an improved level of quality. Your time is precious and we put great emphasis on providing quick solutions for your translation needs. Last but not least, our services adhere to the internationally recognized standards of the ISO 17100:2015 certificate, which gives you one more reason to trust our professional linguistic services. By considering all the above-mentioned aspects, the best results were achieved consistently. PoliLingua is more than glad to assist you with proven solutions for numerous types of projects. Some of them are enlisted below.

Azerbaijani Medical Translation Services

The prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of disease implies specific terminology. Besides, the importance of a faithful conversion of the meaning is crucial. Whether it is a survey or a medical instruction, the issues addressed within this area are of critical value. Thus, translating hospital-related content requires high accuracy and perfect comprehension of each word and expression. Imagine getting the health results of a loved one or running important studies on a particular subject. Cutting corners isn’t an option. Our translation agency is capable of taking care of projects which involve sensitive matters due to highly-qualified team members who know the ropes of the area. Whether it is a small or big project, our professional Azerbaijani linguists possess the required skill set for your specific needs. We can translate diverse types of medical documents for you:

  • General medical translations
  • Insurance forms and patience surveys
  • Product catalogs and medical devices documentation
  • Approval documents
  • Clinical trials, and many more.
Azerbaijani Medical Translation Services
Azerbaijani Legal Translation Services

Azerbaijani Legal Translation Services

Working with content that demands the consent of a legal jurisdiction entails specialized knowledge. Moreover, the legal distinctions between countries render the job even more intricate. In order to ensure error-free translations, our linguists are state-appointed and possess a keen eye for detail. Whether it is a certificate, a will, or an agreement, we have a consistent experience in dealing with any type of Azerbaijani language translation, which gives us confidence in providing high-quality solutions. We have worked with a wide spectrum of documents, as specified below:

  • document identification
  • court reporting, interpreting and evidence translation
  • employment, commercial, rent, hire agreements/contracts
  • wills
  • audio translation
  • sworn translation, and many more.

Azerbaijani Game Translation Services

Video game localization consists of the completion of a complex multi-step process, which includes a full array of details to be considered. Starting from superficial changes and finishing with audio recording, the domain is placed in a very close relationship with the economic sector. This means that a professional approach should be applied, as the success of the game's popularity is very dependent on the quality of translation. World players are waiting impatiently for the best experiences to take place and there are certain factors that should be addressed in order to obtain a faithful conversion of the content, coupled with a meticulous understanding of cultural specifics. PoliLingua knows how to handle all the details involved in Azerbaijani game localization and has a record of translating numerous types of projects:

  • service and product description
  • help information and instructions
  • promotional material (brochures)
  • websites and online games
  • games for different platforms, and many more.
Azerbaijani Game Translation Services
Azerbaijani Technical Translation Services

Azerbaijani Technical Translation Services

Technological advancement is inextricably intertwined with the global economy, covering a range of disciplines, including engineering, the production of goods, scientific investigations, and so on. As a result, the translation implied by the domain should be handled by reliable experts who would confidently grasp the meaning of every specific notion in complete accordance with the internationally accepted standards. With regard to this, our translation company can confidently assist you in completing your technical translation tasks, supporting a wide spectrum of documents:

  • Patents and engineering processes translations
  • Equipment instructions and consumer products translations
  • User manuals and technical instructions translations
  • Light machinery translations
  • Household appliance manufacturer's translations
  • Professional product translations and many more.

Language and country profile

Azerbaijani, also named Azeri or Azeri Turkic is a word referring to two Tutkic lects, including Caucasian Azerbaijani and Iranian Azerbaijani, widely spoken by the Azerbaijanis, who are located in the most part in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran.

There are obvious differences between Caucasian and Iranian Azerbaijani manifesting on phonological, lexical, morphological and on the syntax level. Both Azerbaijani lects belong to the Oghuz group of Turkic families. Several dialects are used in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russia. The language also pertains to Gagauz, Turkish, Crimean Tatar, Qashqai, presenting reciprocal intelligibility.

The oldest written texts referring to literature date to the late 1200s, following the Mongol conquest, having an Arabic script. An important port in Azerbaijani is considered Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar. The language was broadly used in schools starting in the middle of the 19th century, mostly in Baku, Shaki, Ganja, Tbilisi, and Yerevan. Azerbaijani has also been included in the educational program at Saint Petersburg State University in Russia, in 1845.

Language and country profile

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