Certified Translations

PoliLingua provides a number of services for certified translations, whatever your needs may be.

What Are Certified Translations?

These are official or legal documents, where high importance is given to the translation services provided. With PoliLingua you don’t have to worry – we have a team of over a thousand translation experts that specialize in these services.

Before ordering any kind of certified translation, you must ensure you understand the legal requirements for any kind of documents in order to get the best results from your application.

Types of Certified Translation

Academic Needs – We can help to translate your academic documents, diplomas and transcripts. We will work with you to ensure they meet the needs of local authorities and that you can use them successfully in any applications.

Marriage Translations – If you are living in a different country to your native language you may need to provide official certified translations in order to get married and register for certain services. This is also the case if you are looking to get married overseas.

Other Official Documents – Certified translation services are also available to those who need documents such as birth certificates translated, or even medical reports and bills.

Just let us know the purpose for your certified translation and we will work with you to ensure it meets all your legal needs. It’s important to choose a professional service such as PoliLingua, who can attest to the truth of translations provided.