About us

PoliLingua is an innovative, online translation service, which allows you to have documents translated by professional translators, who specialize in your area of business.


Translation through PoliLingua follows a number of simple steps:
1. After receiving your document we are quoting you a price and the expected delivery time.
2. On receiving your approval the document is allocated to one of our professional translators or a team of translators with the required subject specialization
3. Upon completion, the translation undergoes a quality check and is returned to you by mail.


Documents under 2,000 words are completed and returned to you within a maximum of 2 working days (weekends excluded). An additional working day must be counted for each 2,000 words exceeding the initial 2,000. Turnaround of documents with larger volumes is generally decided upon following consultation with one of our translation coordinators.

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