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PoliLingua understands the importance of having an efficient project management and quality control systems implemented in the work process, particularly within the area of IT and software translations, where the preciseness of the technical content conversion is required. Having completed various IT translation projects, our translators have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with technical terminology and know when to apply cultural and linguistic approach to make the final product 100% accurate. Along with the quality assurance mechanisms our linguists have access to specially designed terminology database, translation guidelines, style guides and other useful resources.

PoliLingua has the technical capacity to offer most advanced software translation solutions in all major languages for a wide array of software engineering applications, Operating systems, Accounting Software and Databases, Video games, CRM applications, ERP systems for each step of its development processes (design, programming stage, testing, documentation, customer support, etc.)

Our linguist specialists utilize a wide range of advanced computer-assisted translation software or CAT tools such as Poedit, Trados, Deja Vu, Transit, Wordfast, Across, AlchemyCatalyados, which contribute to the overall translation accuracy of the final project.

With thousands of it translators from all over the world at our disposal, we can select the professionals based on the individual knowledge and experience to match the IT skills required to complete the project at the highest quality possible. Whatever the volume and complexity of your software development project, PoliLingua can offer professional localization services at excellent rates in various IT technology areas: Internet, telecommunication, networking, e-commerce, graphics, etc.
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